AppIt's Response to COVID-19

Amanda Moriuchi
March 18, 2020

To our clients and friends,

During this extraordinary time, I’m reminded of two inalienable truths in our business: 

1. Technology has immense power to bring about change.  

2. Flawless execution on our part  is vital to our clients’ survival.  

Our team cares very deeply about what we do, and while we've always known that our clients have placed projects of immense importance in our hands, today we feel that the criticality of our work has taken on an even deeper meaning.

Before our community chose to protect their fellow neighbors by practicing social distancing, before schools and restaurants closed, before our society was changed nearly overnight, we knew that technology possesses the power to connect, the power to bring about efficiency, the power to help businesses evolve and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace. 

Today, more than ever, AppIt Ventures holds dear our duty to thoughtfully design and create custom solutions that connect businesses to their customers, that bring about efficiency to operations so businesses can do less with more, and to help businesses evolve as quickly as the marketplace has.

Our passion is in leveraging technology to solve business problems. Over these next few weeks, our team will be hard at work continuing to serve our customers, but we will also be working within our community to help small businesses get creative about how to adjust to our new reality.  The beauty of Denver’s tech scene and our #givefirst mentality will pull us through these unprecedented times. I am confident we will arrive on the other side with stronger businesses and a much stronger community.

The AppIt Ventures Team is standing by, and we are ready to connect with small business owners who are experiencing the challenges of our current economic conditions. We'll provide suggestions and guidance on how to use technology to pivot in our current circumstances and position yourself for sustained growth and health. It will be our pleasure to use our creativity and passion for the betterment of your business.  Let’s do this.

With deep gratitude,

Amanda Moriuchi


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