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Beautiful apps include so much more than meets the eye. User-centric designs that support your business goals by supporting your end-user goals are critical to long-term success. We are constantly asking ourselves how we can use technology to support an end-users emotions, preferences and challenges.  This is how great apps start.

Ui/UX Design Services
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Harnessing the power of emotion.

Excellent design on a tactical level involves gaining a firm understanding of the emotions, preferences, goals, and challenges of the end-user and then designing a structure to help the user accomplish those things. Then, design elements are added to emotionally engage a user throughout the entire flow of a product.

Successful UX/UI is marked by a thoughtful blend of structure and flow, along with visually appealing and consistent design elements. Regardless of whether the app is designed for internal or external stakeholders, beautiful designs keep your users engaged at every turn.  


Designing and building products that users will, well, use.

Work with a team that considers various stakeholder points of view, consider the dynamics, and arrive at a solution that serves everyone.

Ui vs UX

UI vs. UX

While certainly related, UI and UX are two different concepts in design. UX focuses on the end-user’s overall experience when interacting with an application. You’ve likely heard the words usability, accessibility, functionality, efficiency, and flow when describing UX. At its core, UX forces designers to think through how an application’s design will support the goals of the end-user. By contrast, UI is a bit more focused on the visual and interactive elements of the design. Think icons, buttons, layout, colors and fonts. UI makes up the look and feel of a product.

why trends matter

Why Trends Matter

Trends matter because they shift the general expectations of your users over time. Failing to keep your app in step with what users want and expect will result in diminished engagement over time. In technology as in life, the challenge is trying to determine if something is a lasting trend or a passing fad. Using another house analogy, you wouldn’t want to remodel your entire kitchen based on a passing fad. You need any updates to be relevant long enough for your investment to pay off. Likewise, you don’t want to find yourself iterating on your application design until you are sure a trend will be relevant in the long term.

honoring competing goals

Honoring Competing Goals

In the design process, there are often many competing goals. When designing for the users, app experience generally tops the list. When designing for developers, goals such as ease, speed, and cost to implement may be the priorities. Then there is designing to your vision as the client, and the harsh reality of designing to the project budget and timeline—each with an entirely different set of goals. To succeed, expert balance is required. A project that meets the needs of the developers and hits the timeline but leaves the end-user out of the picture is ultimately a failure because no one will use the application, yet failing the business goals isn’t acceptable either.

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How AppIt balances the art and science of delivering beautiful apps.


We take a balanced approach to UI and UX with a focus on efficiently achieving the ultimate outcome for clients and end-users alike.


We use empathy to balance competing needs and desires in a design project. Our collaborative pursuit of the best solution yields the best overall outcome.


We balance lasting trends against passing fads and educate our clients on what has been, what is now, and what is to come.


We arm our clients with detailed explanations to back up our recommendations, but we respect our clients' choices. We understand that it's our responsibility to educate. It's our client's responsibility to choose.

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Why work with AppIt?

We are the real deal – ask anyone.

Our reputation for delivering the highest quality custom apps that enhance, impact and improve lives is well known. Having successfully developed over a thousand apps for clients of every stripe, 5-star ratings, and a serial award winning team – you can be confident your needs are in the best hands.

We improve lives through technology, together.

We believe so strongly in the breakthrough benefits of technology that we are willing to share in the up-front risks of development. Backed by our proven process, we like to put our money where our mouth is.

Most rigorous discovery process in the industry.

Details make the difference. Our four-phase process and detailed estimates eliminate vague or overlooked items, mitigate risk, and provide peace of mind every step of your journey.

Blending is our super-power.

Your project will benefit tremendously from our blended development approach. Our talent allocation model ensures the right resources are in place, at the right time, to deliver the results you need, when you need it.

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