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We employ a variety of different tools and design trends to custom-create your ideal application. After assessing your specific business needs and goals, we will design, develop, and deploy your ideal product.

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AppIt recognizes that each clients’ business and user needs are widely unique. As a result, we employ a variety of different design tools to custom-create your ideal application. We consider all factors in designing the User Experience and Interface, including but not limited to: market, demographics, purpose, performance, sustainability, desirability, usability, accessibility, and ultimately, the unique value to the user.


The State of Colorado App

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The myColorado™ app is the official digital ID and digital wallet application for the State of Colorado. myColorado™ provides state residents with secure and convenient access to state services anytime, anywhere. The application has proved critical in 2020, helping Colorado's government officials keep residents up to date with important information while practicing social distancing.
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The Mindful Mamas iOS mobile app

Mindful Mamas required a platform that allowed mothers to connect with other mothers while achieving a sense of safety, peace, and belonging. The mobile solution provides a world-class user experience with opportunities for moms to connect with others, meditate, and on focus on personal well-being.

Featured project: logistics

The BoxMetrix mobile and web app

AppIt worked with the Neoteros Team to develop a custom mobile and web app that tracks and monitors the health of high-value assets in the field. The solution helps companies streamline their communication, protect their assets, and optimize operational efficiency.


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