A meticulously built high-performance team.

AppIt has meticulously and intentionally built a high-performing, diverse team of developers. Initially, this exceptional group was optimized to serve as product development teams on behalf of our clients. As some of our clients matured, they asked for the ability to hire some of our team members on a staffing basis.

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Leverage our experts for your key initiatives.

AppIt has been recognized both by our clients and our community for the way in which we support our employees. From closing the gender pay gap to ongoing professional development and diverse hiring practices, AppIt has built a structure that allows us to attract and retain top talent from around the world, even in the face of stiff competition from larger corporations. Our focus on diversity, professional development, fair pay, and team camaraderie is more than just fodder for marketing—it’s at the core of our leadership ethos. We view these things as our competitive advantage, and it’s helped us earn a reputation world-wide for being a sought-after and valuable employer. As a client, you benefit from this strategy by gaining access to our talent on a timeline that meets your goals.

Delivering technical resources at scale.

We work with you to either augment your existing team or build one from the bottom up. With senior technical talent and over 56 highly-skilled developers in over 20 programming languages, we are confident in our ability to fill the gaps in your development model to meet your business needs.

outsourced software engineers

With You As You Evolve

You might start working with us on a fixed-fee project and then graduate to a staff augmentation model as you scale. Other times, you may come to us purely for staff augmentation services and then request our assistance on a fixed-fee project to support a separate strategic initiative for the business. Either way, you benefit from our team’s ability to share lessons learned from across the company.

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Achieve Goals Faster

Our team works with you to understand your organizational goals and product roadmap. We then identify gaps in your technical resources and put together a team of trusted developer professionals that can support your project needs while you focus on company-wide growth. When your team requires a specific skill set, it’s critical to have a subject matter expert that can deliver on time and within budget, but where this gets challenging is finding an expert for a special project or a short-term duration. That’s where we step in - we help our clients gain access to top talent for the short term and with short notice.

outsourced software engineers

The Power in Blending

AppIt is a true hybrid company - with employees in the US, Latin America,  Eastern Europe, South Africa and India. Our ability to offer US-based, nearshore and offshore resources allows us to deliver cost competitive resources with deep expertise in a wide range of technologies and business challenges. Our internal secret sauce is our ability to find deep connection despite massive cultural differences, and we yield this power in service of our clients. We have learned that excellence is a common thread that binds us all, and our clients are the beneficiaries of that passion.

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Why work with AppIt?

We are the real deal – ask anyone.

Our reputation for delivering the highest quality custom apps that enhance, impact and improve lives is well known. Having successfully developed over a thousand apps for clients of every stripe, 5-star ratings, and a serial award winning team – you can be confident your needs are in the best hands.

We improve lives through technology, together.

We believe so strongly in the breakthrough benefits of technology that we are willing to share in the up-front risks of development. Backed by our proven process, we like to put our money where our mouth is.

Most rigorous discovery process in the industry.

Details make the difference. Our four-phase process and detailed estimates eliminate vague or overlooked items, mitigate risk, and provide peace of mind every step of your journey.

Blending is our super-power.

Your project will benefit tremendously from our blended development approach. Our talent allocation model ensures the right resources are in place, at the right time, to deliver the results you need, when you need it.

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