Staff augmentation services

Get the technical resources you need to staff, support, and secure your business operations.

Senior technical talent
3 International teams
Skilled developers in 20+ programming languages
Frontend, backend, and mobile app developers
Fully customized development staffing solutions

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AppIt is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and we have two remote development teams in San Jose, Costa Rica and Hyderabad, India. Our business model makes it easy for clients to take advantage of our staff augmentation services and ongoing support options to achieve their company-wide KPIs.
"AppIt hit the nail on the head and delivered a masterful mobile app that was well received by internal and external stakeholders."
charles clark
Senior Vice President of Technolocy, hc1

how our development staffing Services work

Our three step process makes it easier than ever to elevate your product development.

We start with an initial conversation to define your business goals, technical requirements, budget, and timelines.


We will either build you a technical team from the ground up or augment your existing team.


Our team oversees your developers and provides support and guidance to help you scale and grow over time.

Why staff augmentation or ongoing support?

We deliver development staffing resources at scale.

fully customized staffing solutions

We work with you to either augment your existing team or to build one from the bottom up. With senior technical talent and over 56 highly-skilled developers in over 20 programming languages, we are confident in our ability to fill the gaps in your development model to meet your business needs.

senior technical talent

When your team requires a specific skillset, it's critical to have a subject matter expert that can deliver results on time and on budget. Staff augmentation gives you the resources and human capital you require to optimize your operational efficiency and meet your financial goals.

Achieve Company-wide goals, faster

Our team works with you to understand your organizational goals along with your product roadmap. We then identify gaps in your technical resources and staff a team of trusted, developer professionals that can support your project needs while you focus on company-wide growth.


A guide to ongoing support options

Which Development Support Model is Right For You?

Download our free guide to development support and determine which model is right for your company. We'll help you evaluate the right development support model based on:
Your comfort level crafting feature requirements
The state of your product roadmap
Your development backlog
Your release schedule and product iterations
Your budget and spending habits
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programming languages

Whatever technical skillset you require, we can provide.

Swift for iOS
Kotlin for Android
React Native
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