Software development for the healthcare industry

In the healthcare and wellness space, technology plays a multifaceted role, addressing diverse needs that range from managing electronic health records and scheduling appointments to facilitating patient education and engagement across the entire healthcare continuum, encompassing both pre-operative and post-operative phases.

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Streamlining Data Collection

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Educating and Engaging Patients Across the Care Continuum

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Proactive Wellness Solutions

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Saving Valuable Time

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Engaging Patients

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Setting Expectations

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Choosing custom software development for the healthcare industry.

PASCO Care Match web application.

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Common questions from healthcare industry clients

1. Should I build or buy?

In the healthcare space, much of our work involves integration - certainly with EMR systems, but also with other third party platform tools. Many of our clients use platforms to serve their more standard workflows, but for their own unique ways of serving patients, we tend to build custom software to support their unique processes.

2. How should I be preparing for app store guidelines?

Apps that are distributed must be published on the appropriate app stores, whether this app is intended for internal use or patient-facing use. Thinking through your distribution and revenue models will impact which type of app store account you need and which guidelines you will be subject to.

3. How should I think about PII and PHI and app architecture?

Managing PII is different than managing PHI, especially when it comes to how we are setting up the app architecture.  Meeting regulatory requirements for data privacy, especially when PHI is involved, has impact on how we design the initial app architecture and the associated costs.  Since architecture design is an early decision, it's critical to get this right before app development begins.

4. How do I plan for documentation for compliance like ISO 13485?

While AppIt doesn't consult on submissions or compliance audits for medical devices, we do work with consulting organizations that do this work. AppIt provides proper documentation, from testing to change management that helps our consulting partners streamline their submissions.  As our clients plan ahead for streamlined audits or submissions, it's important to review the quality and detail of technical requirements, determine the level of detail in test plans, and ensure that designs are in alignment with technical requirements.  It's helpful in the planning stage to ensure a potential vendor has clear, concise answers to how they manage the various stages of the software development lifecycle.


Why work with AppIt?

We are the real deal – ask anyone.

Our reputation for delivering the highest quality custom apps that enhance, impact and improve lives is well known. Having successfully developed over a thousand apps for clients of every stripe, 5-star ratings, and a serial award winning team – you can be confident your needs are in the best hands.

We improve lives through technology, together.

We believe so strongly in the breakthrough benefits of technology that we are willing to share in the up-front risks of development. Backed by our proven process, we like to put our money where our mouth is.

Most rigorous discovery process in the industry.

Details make the difference. Our four-phase process and detailed estimates eliminate vague or overlooked items, mitigate risk, and provide peace of mind every step of your journey.

Blending is our super-power.

Your project will benefit tremendously from our blended development approach. Our talent allocation model ensures the right resources are in place, at the right time, to deliver the results you need, when you need it.

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