Custom App Development

Custom Software

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A catchall for any type of development or consulting service our clients require, from technology consulting to complex integrations. Our clients depend on us to solve the hard problems.

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Technology Consulting
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Project Rescue
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Requirements Review

Mobile Apps

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From R&D consulting to UX/UI design to development, our team works with you to build a custom mobile app that will positively impact your users and overall business.

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iOS App Development
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Android App Development
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Cross-Platform App Development

Web Apps

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Beyond native mobile apps, we develop custom web applications from responsive websites to enterprise web apps. We support your goals to scale, grow, or add layers of security within your organization.

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Static & Dynamic Web Apps
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ECommerce Web Apps
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Portal & CMS Development

Outsourced Engineers

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AppIt has meticulously built our team over the past 12 years. Many of us have worked together for the bulk of our careers. Our high trust team helps us deliver on high stakes projects every time.

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Nearshore Engineers
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Offshore Engineers


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User-focused designs that also support your business goals are critical to long-term success. Thoughtful design is where great apps start.

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Product Design
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Clickable Prototypes
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Custom UI/UX

Code Reviews

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A code review gives you visibility into the quality and scalability of your application so you can optimize your operations and plan for sustainable growth.

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Source Code Review
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Platform Analysis
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Secure Code Review

Database and APIs

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Data collected and provided through your application is where the real value lies, and the database is where all this content and information is stored.

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Node.js & .Net
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MongoDB & Serverless

Artificial Intelligence

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With the recent innovations in artificial intelligence, our clients are starting to find ways to improve their data analytics - gaining wisdom from their data that was previously inaccessible.

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Data lakes and reporting
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Large Language Models
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Business Process Automation

Legacy System Upgrades

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One of the biggest risks in upgrading a legacy system is the vast unknown, or the taken for granted. Work with a team who knows how to capture decades worth of workflows in your new application.

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Total Rewrite
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Partial Rewrite
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Ongoing Support
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Delivering impeccable value to clients with every app.


Incredible speed 
to market through our diligent, detailed and proven process


Unlimited creativity and technical expertise to tackle even your most challenging business needs


Quality code that is an instant asset to you and your company – not a liability


Unbiased guidance to help you make better, smarter and scalable decisions

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Decision #1: Deciding if a custom application is right for you

After launching over a thousand apps, we’ve come to realize there’s a right time and a wrong time to start. See where you land on the continuum.
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Decision #2: Deciding who the right partner is for your project

Buying custom software services is incredibly difficult because the process for finding your ideal vendor is confusing . Use this tool to help guide your selection.

Future Forward: Embracing the latest tech innovations

If you’re not yet ready to build an app but are curious about the latest trends and topics in our industry, keep up to date with our blog.

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