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Because artificial intelligence is a quickly emerging tech trend, the definitions are varied and yet it increasingly appears that AI will be the so-called electricity of the future, particularly within software development. As AI becomes increasingly nuanced and widespread, it’s important to consider what this and other emerging technologies can do for your business.

artificial intelligence glossary of terms

When it comes to intelligence, we offer 4 main services.
artificial intelligence (AI)

Help applications collect data, make decisions and return a response through tools such as algorithms, decision trees and if/then statements.

Machine learning (ML)

Empower machines to make better or more informed decisions over time as more data comes into the application.

business intelligence (BI)

Create a presentation of many data points through a UI (think dashboards) to help users make better decisions.

intelligence augmentation (IA)

Build strategy to leverage insights provided by artificial intelligence, ultimately helping humans be more efficient and effective in their particular role.

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