Artificial intelligence for the everyday business owner.

Artifical intelligence is having a moment. With so much swirling around on the topic, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but take heart: with the recent innovations in artificial intelligence, our clients are starting to find ways to improve their data analytics - gaining wisdom from their data that was previously inaccessible.

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Making wise use of artificial intelligence.

While artificial intelligence debate has gotten a ton of publicity recently, the concept of AI has been around for decades. This debate on AI tends to leave us wanting a bit more from the conversation in terms of data management, analytics, reporting, and visualization. As AI becomes increasingly nuanced and widespread, it’s important to work with a vendor who understands your unique needs and how best to implement this technology in the service of your overall business goals.

Moving from information to intelligence.

At its core, any artificial intelligence tool needs a strong data set to be meaningful. We’ve included some important points here to consider as you seek your next vendor.

artificial intelligence

Build For Intelligence

Building a custom app allows our clients to not only clean up their data (both from a collection and a storage standpoint), but also collect more volume and more varied data sets than before. Once our clients have a clean set of data to work with, we are able to help our clients think through what types of insights they want/need to gather in order to grow most efficiently. From that conversation, we help our clients build custom reports and apply artificial intelligence tools where appropriate. This transition from information to insights to intelligence requires a blend of experts in design, development and data analytics.

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Serving Business

To maximize your chances of success with AI, you must have data that serves the business.  We believe that to do this, you first have to design an app that users want to use - usage of your application means accurate, consistent and streamlined data collection. Second, thinking through how you will collect, store and analyze your data so it’s efficient and meaningful requires thoughtful architecture and database design. Finally, combining all data sources with an eye toward what kind of business decisions need to be made helps to ensure reporting actually supports decisions rather than just piling on more information.

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Know Your Why

There’s a mildly popular song from the 90s that mocks how all of us jump onto whatever bandwagon or recent trend to stay relevant, and today’s fever pitch around artificial intelligence seems no different. We have a saying within AppIt: don’t do anything unless you know why you’re doing it. Implementing AI just to have AI is a path toward inefficiency and risk. This is why we work so closely with our clients to determine ahead of time what their business goals are for considering artificial intelligence, and how we can get them there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Thoughts to consider as it relates to artificial intelligence and reporting.


What data do I want and how will I gather it? Will I build an app to collect this data, will I specifically ask for it (surveys), or will I gather it through analytics?


How will I consume or distribute this data in order to make better decisions within my organization? Do I need to build something or can I use a tool for visualization and NLP?

03 | STORE

Where will I store all of this data? Does this require a shift in our cyber security posture? How will I budget for storing this data?


How will I use these insights to grow my business or introduce efficiency? If it’s neither of these, how will I support a return on investment for this effort and the risk that is associated with data storage?

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Why work with AppIt?

We are the real deal – ask anyone.

Our reputation for delivering the highest quality custom apps that enhance, impact and improve lives is well known. Having successfully developed over a thousand apps for clients of every stripe, 5-star ratings, and a serial award winning team – you can be confident your needs are in the best hands.

We improve lives through technology, together.

We believe so strongly in the breakthrough benefits of technology that we are willing to share in the up-front risks of development. Backed by our proven process, we like to put our money where our mouth is.

Most rigorous discovery process in the industry.

Details make the difference. Our four-phase process and detailed estimates eliminate vague or overlooked items, mitigate risk, and provide peace of mind every step of your journey.

Blending is our super-power.

Your project will benefit tremendously from our blended development approach. Our talent allocation model ensures the right resources are in place, at the right time, to deliver the results you need, when you need it.

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