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Learn why code reviews are an important part of long term planning.

Code reviews are valuable tools to determine your current state and where to go next.

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How do I know it’s time for a code review?

Many of our clients ask us to review their code to ensure they have a high quality, scalable, secure application that can easily be maintained in the future. Below are some common reasons our clients reach out to us.

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They’re planning for, or just completed a merger and need to assess their code.
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They are behind in launching a product and want to validate the quality of the code.
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They have an older application and need to get a sense of the level of tech debt so they can plan ahead properly.
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Getting back on track

How code reviews are an essential first step if you are in need of project rescue.

Many times, our clients reach out to us for a code review because they have been working with a vendor or a team that hasn’t been delivering, and they need to make a switch. This happens more often than not, which is why we have a plan for what we call “Project Rescues.”  Project rescues are notoriously difficult, but with the right team, you can get back on track.

At AppIt, we specialize in helping our clients get back on track during a project rescue.  This is why we review source code for architectural and coding best practices, scalability and maintainability along with auditing the source of lingering bugs or unfinished feature sets. Our code reviews  help us set clear expectations on the timeline of fixes, so our clients can proactively plan ahead.

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See why selecting a vendor is so difficult and what you can do about it.
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Different testing approaches
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Why scalability, maintainability and security in an application matter
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When to change development partners and how to do it
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