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AppIt’s experience across industries gives our clients a competitive advantage by benefiting from the cross-pollination of great ideas from a diverse range of businesses.  While experience in your industry is valuable because it helps us ask better questions and dive deeper into industry-specific use cases, a varied background gives us the ability to suggest creative solutions that become your valuable cutting edge. If your business operates on the slight edge, finding that subtle differentiator is often your tipping point toward victory in your marketplace.

Here’s what we’ve seen recently in some of our top industries:

healthcare and wellness

Healthcare and Wellness

Understanding the nuances between PII and PHI, and how each must be handled and protected in the face of HIPAA regulations is important, especially in the design phase of the project.  Collecting data for the sake of recommending healthcare options, and how you collect that data has important implications on how you properly design the supporting architecture.  These implications carry with them significant cost impact; however, the penalties for HIPAA violations are much more costly on many levels. Our apps are built to improve patient outcomes, increase user engagement, reach vulnerable populations, and empower healthcare professionals to provide better patient care.  We understand that the best healthcare outcomes follow the path of education to engagement to empowerment, and we know how to architect and design apps to support this path.

industrial apps


In the industrial industry, we understand that costs are high and margins are low.  In this environment, room for error is basically zero, and innovation must be backed by data.  From building an app for data collection in the field, to an app that monitors the health and location of high value assets, to apps that track the exact time heavy machinery must be upgraded or replaced, building for data processing and analytics is critical to our clients’ success.  With the recent, dramatic shifts in AI, we help our clients in the industrial space blend the best of custom app development with data analytics, natural language processing and business process automation to gather insights in near real time.  Our clients no longer have to worry about making costly missteps due to outdated or inaccurate data, nor do they have to invest as heavily in data acquisition costs as they have in the past.

logistics and supply chain apps

Logistics and Supply Chain

Part of the “Amazon-effect” that we speak so often about is the demand consumers have today for near immediate fulfillment of purchases. Combining the Amazon-effect with today’s pressures on our post-pandemic supply chain, our clients are faced with a trifecta of challenges: near-immediate fulfillment demands, limited supply of goods, and rising costs of labor.  In prior years, a logistics or supply chain company could absorb minor inefficiencies or the cost of error, but in today’s marketplace, the margin for error is essentially non-existent. That’s where technology steps in. From inventory management to asset tracking to fleet management, AppIt helps our clients decide what to do, when to build or buy, and how to implement.

non-profit and government apps

Non-profit and Government

Non-profits have always been wonderful centers of innovation because they are familiar with the need of having to do more with less.  In environments like that, technology moves the needle quite a bit. Beyond gaining efficiency, the ability to gather and report data on outcomes is the lifeblood of any non-profit needing to fundraise. Finding ways to streamline and automate data collection and reporting removes the burden of “proving it” to funders, allowing our clients to focus on why they originally started: impact. With government projects, impact is always the main goal, and we make sure every project is centered around how our tools serve citizens.  AppIt has honed our ability to meet the needs of varied stakeholders and SMEs, oftentimes with competing priorities, to deliver a project that solves large-scale issues across diverse populations.

business services

Business Services

What makes the majority of our clients successful is their unique way they serve their clients.  This “secret sauce” is what allowed them to dominate their marketplace and increase market share, yet as they reach a certain size, this secret sauce becomes the most difficult, yet most important item to scale. Ironically enough, when businesses look to scale, they look to tech platforms first - but SaaS tools don’t build for a customer of 1 - so to scale, you either need to modify your secret sauce to fit what the masses do, or you have to hobble together several tools to get the work done.  It’s in this moment that our clients face an existential question: do I scale back the very workflow that made me successful so I can fit it into a tool built for the masses, or do I sacrifice the very efficiency I need in order to maintain the special workflow that made me successful in the first place?  Enter AppIt.  We come in to build a custom application that protects and enshrines your proprietary workflow, while streamlining the tech tools you use to deliver.  This is how most of our clients realize a 3x ROI within their first year post launch and enjoy a 5-8x multiple on EBITDA, depending on their industry.  We exist to help the good guys win with the right technology, and victory is oh-so-sweet.

consumer apps


Many of our clients in the consumer space come to us because they have found a way to build and engage committed audiences through social media or elegant marketing strategies. While these marketing strategies remain effective, our clients understand the power that custom apps have to gather data ethically, giving them the chance to better serve more consumers in a way they want to be served. In addition to ethical data collection and analytics, our clients understand the power custom and tightly branded apps have to cut through the noise of the marketplace.  In the consumer space, we chase after two things: removing distraction and isolating purchase behavior. Using ethical data collection and analytics, we build custom apps that give our clients the ability to reach their most dedicated audiences in a branded custom app, built just for the end-user and to their deepest desires. In the consumer space, we exist to help our clients better serve their customers. Growth through service is our motto.

education apps


Open any news app or webpage and you’re guaranteed to see headlines about how the education industry is having a tough time. From the lingering effects of the pandemic to ongoing budget cuts and teacher shortages to political debate over curriculum, our clients in education are pushing to find better ways to serve the shifting needs of their communities.  In education, building technology to support all stages, from enrollment to curriculum development and delivery, to properly managing student and parent experiences throughout, helps schools better deliver on their charters and keeps parents, educators, students and administrators engaged.  Building a custom software tool doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. Perhaps it’s because many of our team members have children in school, or because we care passionately about serving our communities, we have found ways to make software accessible to schools in a variety of ways. You don’t have to stay on the sidelines of technology, and you don’t have to be forced to stick with a tool that doesn’t meet your needs. Technology is better than that.CTA: Explore recent client wins


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