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Are you still running your business on spreadsheets?

There is a better way. Convert your spreadsheets to an app and start optimizing your company's unique workflows.

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Wait, what's wrong with using spreadsheets?

While spreadsheets are helpful and do a lot of great things, there are some shortcomings when it comes to managing your mission-critical operations with spreadsheets:

Poses security risks
Slow data processing time
Creates obstacles for team collaboration and organization
Wastes additional time inputting, copying and pasting data
Creates scalability issues as companies grow
spreadsheets to software88% of spreadsheets contain errors

How can a custom business application actually help you and your business?

Investing in your custom business app not only gives you total flexibility but it sets your organization up for future success and minimizes your risk. The most common benefits of designing and developing your software include:

spreadsheets to software
Increased security and protection over your data
spreadsheets to software
Unparalleled flexibility and control over your tech needs
spreadsheets to software
Faster processing times for large amounts of data
spreadsheets to software
Easier cross-functional collaboration between teams
spreadsheets to software
Increased speed & optimized efficiency of your operations
spreadsheets to software
Reduce tech debt & complete ownership of  your IP

Want proof?

See how we converted a complex spreadsheet into a custom app for Lionshare Negotiations.
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While spreadsheets can be an effective tool for businesses, they propose serious risks. Our free eBook outlines the pros and cons of using spreadsheets to run your mission-critical operations. Get your eBook today and learn how to start automating your unique workflows.

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