Modernizing legacy tech for better outcomes.

As business needs shift, technology requirements follow. Sometimes, a change in business process may require an entirely new custom application (desktop, web, or mobile) to integrate with a legacy system. Other times, a rebranding effort may require a shift in how you are using technology to support your new brand. When these changes occur, it’s essential to properly plan.

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A healthy respect for common risks.

One of the biggest risks in legacy system rewrite is the unknown, or the taken for granted. When our clients come to us with a legacy system rewrite project, it is typically for a mission critical application, and it’s typically for an application that has been in production for many years, if not decades.  The challenge with projects like this is the subject matter experts within the organization don’t realize their vast knowledge of the system, and they take for granted how routine their use of the application has become. If that wasn’t enough, the design of the application doesn’t always reflect hidden business logic, nor does a code review. There are some features that represent old workflows that may not be relevant any longer, but they do impact data flow. Working with a team that understands the challenges of these projects is critical for success.

Big benefits for good work.

Because our team understands what’s required for a successful legacy system rewrite or upgrade, we take the time up front to educate our clients on what to expect and how to collaborate in their success. A job well done is what we’re after time and again.

legacy system upgrades

Gain a Competitive Edge

We know legacy system upgrades are fraught with risk, leading a majority of our clients’ competitors to not take on that project.  Our clients have exploited this dynamic in their favor - we have seen our clients that engage in projects like this experience near immediate growth post launch. We’ve come to learn the two key elements to making a good decision include understanding what workflows are taken for granted (and not easily seen in visual workflows) and selecting the right vendor to support you in this upgrade.

legacy system upgrades

Cyber and Hardware Innovations

To maximize your chances of success with AI, you must have data that serves the business.  We believe that to do this, you first have to design an app that users want to use - usage of your application means accurate, consistent and streamlined data collection. Second, thinking through how you will collect, store and analyze your data so it’s efficient and meaningful requires thoughtful architecture and database design. Finally, combining all data sources with an eye toward what kind of business decisions need to be made helps to ensure reporting actually supports decisions rather than just piling on more information.

legacy system upgrades

Cost Containment

As employment costs continue to rise, our clients with older technologies are feeling the pain even more than usual.  Experts in older technologies were already more expensive than experts in newer technologies, simply because they had more experience. With a 20% increase in billable rates across the board, costs at the higher end of the spectrum are accelerating beyond what our clients can budget for, so when older operating systems sunset support, our clients are taking this opportunity to to not only benefit from the best in modern technology, but also lower their costs across the board.

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Four symptoms that may indicate your need for a system upgrade.


Your current technology stack has been deprecated and it may no longer be supported - this is a security risk to be considered.


You or your clients are starting to see a slowdown in overall application performance, even though your server size is adequate and you haven’t seen a recent rise in users or data volume.


Data reporting requirements have changed, and you are starting to have difficulty gaining access to the data you need to serve your clients or make decisions.


How will I use these insights to grow my business or introduce efficiency? If it’s neither of these, how will I support a return on investment for this effort and the risk that is associated with data storage?

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Why work with AppIt?

We are the real deal – ask anyone.

Our reputation for delivering the highest quality custom apps that enhance, impact and improve lives is well known. Having successfully developed over a thousand apps for clients of every stripe, 5-star ratings, and a serial award winning team – you can be confident your needs are in the best hands.

We improve lives through technology, together.

We believe so strongly in the breakthrough benefits of technology that we are willing to share in the up-front risks of development. Backed by our proven process, we like to put our money where our mouth is.

Most rigorous discovery process in the industry.

Details make the difference. Our four-phase process and detailed estimates eliminate vague or overlooked items, mitigate risk, and provide peace of mind every step of your journey.

Blending is our super-power.

Your project will benefit tremendously from our blended development approach. Our talent allocation model ensures the right resources are in place, at the right time, to deliver the results you need, when you need it.

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