Building the foundation of your application for data.

From web to desktop to mobile, database development is one of the most important aspects of any custom application. Data collected and provided through the user interface represents the true value of the application, and the database is the centralized location where all this content and information is stored.

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Managing data in the new era of privacy.

As data privacy laws spread across the country, it’s no longer legally (and ethically) permissible to gather as much data as you’d like. New laws require you to not only be thoughtful about the data you collect, but also be clear about why you’re collecting it and what you intend to do with it. Moreover, you need to disclose the methods by which you are collecting that data and how you inform your users of those methods and your intentions. For clients who have historically been able to scrape data from other publicly available sources, this practice is starting to become more challenging as larger applications lock down their data. In short, data is becoming increasingly valuable and must be handled with care.

When data is everything, build an app to protect it.

We’ve long chuckled at the meme, “In God we Trust; all others must bring data”, and we understand that data is the wellspring of value in any organization. See why we care about data and security so much.

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HIPAA, GDPR and More

Thinking through your particular security stance when it comes to data directly impacts how you design the architecture for your application. For mobile apps, developing apps that meet the regulatory requirements for the states with strongest data privacy laws protect you when your app spreads nation-wide.  For particular industries, even subtle shifts in functionality are the tipping point between a standard architecture and a regulation-friendly architecture, and each of these decisions have budget impact that’s better to know up front.

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Security in Transit

With respect to APIs, we work closely with you to evaluate the best way to architect your project for security and performance as well as determine the most efficient way to collect and distribute data. It all comes down to thinking critically about how to best accomplish your business objectives while balancing security, performance, and end-user experience. Respecting our clients’ security playbooks, especially when thinking through meeting insurance or regulatory requirements, is something we are proud to educate our clients on.

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Support IT Operations

Balancing cybersecurity with data flow is getting harder. Cyber incidents are on the rise, which makes IT departments want to lock down technical and business operations as much as possible (for good reason). This makes finding a way to balance your security posture with efficient data collection an important priority.

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