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AppIt Ventures' team of CSS Developers has helped develop over 350 applications for clients ranging from local startups to enterprise companies. From AppIt’s conception, we have earned recognition from our clients, the press, and the community as being world-class CSS developers that deliver high quality applications and a customer-focused process.

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Why develop with CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is a powerful coding language used to style web pages. It works in conjunction with HTML, a markup language used to structure web pages, and JavaScript, a technical programming language used to create interactive features. CSS is one of the most powerful coding languages available when it comes to styling web pages, as it allows you to precisely control how your page looks.  

This makes it easier for web developers to create a consistent look and feel across different web elements on the same page. CSS allows developers to separate webpage structure (HTML) from formatting and layout (CSS). This separation of HTML from CSS also makes it easier for developers to quickly change the look of a website without changing any of the underlying HTML. Additionally, using CSS ensures that web pages will be displayed correctly on different devices, such as phones, tablets, and desktop computers. When used together with JavaScript, CSS can also add interactive effects to your website so that users can have an engaging experience when they visit your page.    

By using CSS, you can give the elements of your website a unique visual presentation that stands out from other websites. The language is relatively simple compared to more complicated coding languages like JavaScript, but it still allows you to add intricate styling details to your website without having to write too much code. When combined with HTML elements, it can create an eye-catching interface that will make your visitors stay longer on your page. CSS also helps keep the page loading time low by separating style information from content information in the form of separate style sheets, thus allowing users to load only what they need quickly.


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