Logistics Custom Mobile Apps are Powering the Sharing Economy

Starting a successful business in today’s technologically advanced world is more about having a sound vision than large amounts of capital. The emerging sharing economy is a prime example of this, simplifying even the streamlined attributes of eCommerce. Specifically, startups and established businesses (in many industries) are developing custom mobile apps for logistics. It would be safe to say that logistics custom mobile apps are powering the sharing economy.

The Sharing Economy

The “sharing economy” is the best phrase the business world has come up with to describe this emerging business market (predominately using mobile apps). Uber, Porch, ParqEx, Airbnb, and even Ebay are examples of businesses in what’s called the sharing economy. The idea is to create third party platforms where regular people can do business – for just about any service imagined.

Logistic businesses, such as delivery, parking, community centered services, ride sharing, transport, shipping, inventory, etc. – are starting to benefit from developing custom mobile apps, to either start a new business or expand the capabilities within an established business. For instance, distributors can develop a custom app to streamline their shipping logistic processes, while a startup uses the custom mobile app as their main interface to facilitate business between users.

How Custom Mobile Apps Help Logistics

Whether a business is using the custom mobile app to streamline operations for their trucking company, or helping users find private parking spots in metropolises across the U.S. (like our friends at Parso) – the real-time GPS tracking capabilities are key to logistical processes. Mobile apps also provide features such as: offline functionality (data synced when back online), easy accessibility, push notifications, barcode scanning, online storage capabilities, management features, document signing capabilities, and in-app purchasing tools.

It’s not hard to imagine how these types of features help streamline logistics. Basically, custom mobile apps are creating innovative opportunities for entrepreneurs to start low-cost sharing economy businesses with a lean methodology. These types of mobile app centered businesses are changing the way consumers do business, and the way entrepreneurs think about business opportunities. For established traditional businesses, custom mobile apps are expanding their logistical efficiency and opening up service expansion possibilities.

The main reason why custom mobile apps are useful for logistic businesses is because of their innate nature of being mobile. Cloud and mobile computing technology are changing the static nature of businesses, expanding their remote capabilities for holistic business processes. Mobile devices are convenient and being used by nearly everyone, which means workers and consumers can nearly always be reached through their custom mobile app.

Developing a Custom Mobile App

Technological advances are creating exciting possibilities for entrepreneurs and established businesses to capitalize on the logistical opportunities mobile apps present, but what’s the best way to go about developing a custom mobile app? Having a great business idea to add to the sharing economy could blossom into a multi-million dollar company within a couple of years, or developing an operational mobile app for an established logistic business could accelerate growth and customer satisfaction by 30%. The potential is obviously there. But where do you start with developing a custom mobile app?

Entrepreneurs and businesses will come to this question after they’re convinced of their need for a logistics custom mobile app, only to find the multitude of options confusing. This leads to another business trend in the modern world: collaboration, delegation, and project outsourcing. Successful companies in the sharing economy started with a great idea, but were largely successful because of their ability to delegate and collaborate.

Basically, modern businesses can take advantage of vertical expertise on a worldwide market, because remote collaboration is more possible than ever. What this means is companies have access to top talent expertise within a lean project methodology. For instance, when it comes to developing a custom mobile app for logistical purposes, outsourcing to an industry leader like AppIt Ventures gives startups and established companies the assurance of attaining optimal quality, functionality, and innovation in their custom mobile app.

Custom mobile apps are powering the sharing economy by expanding modern businesses’ logistical capabilities. Entrepreneurs and established businesses are working with technological partners to develop innovative custom mobile apps. Logistical services within the sharing economy are being streamlined and made possible through cloud and mobile computing technology. Basically, the fields of opportunity are wide open, and AppIt Ventures can help your business can turn your ideas into reality. Please contact us today to learn more.

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