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Logistics Custom Mobile Apps are Powering the Sharing Economy

Mobile apps and constant access to real-time data have become key components of strategy for logistics businesses and the sharing economy.

The rise of the sharing economy has transformed the way businesses operate, providing new opportunities for entrepreneurs and established companies alike. At the heart of this transformation are custom mobile apps for logistics, which are powering the sharing economy and enabling businesses to streamline their operations and expand their services in new and innovative ways.

The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy, often facilitated through mobile apps, has created a new market where regular people can do business in almost any service imaginable. Examples of businesses in the sharing economy include Uber, Porch, ParqEx, Airbnb, and even eBay.

Logistics businesses, including delivery, parking, community-centered services, ride-sharing, transport, shipping, and inventory management, are benefiting from the development of custom mobile apps to streamline their operations and facilitate business transactions. Distributors, for example, can develop a custom app to streamline their shipping logistics processes, while startups use custom mobile apps as their main interface to facilitate business between users.

How Custom Mobile Apps Help Logistics

Real-time GPS tracking capabilities are essential to logistical processes, and custom mobile apps provide this critical functionality. These apps also offer features like offline functionality, push notifications, barcode scanning, online storage capabilities, management features, document signing capabilities, and in-app purchasing tools.

With these features, custom mobile apps create innovative opportunities for entrepreneurs to start low-cost sharing economy businesses with a lean methodology. These types of mobile app-centered businesses are changing the way consumers do business, and the way entrepreneurs think about business opportunities. For established traditional businesses, custom mobile apps are expanding their logistical efficiency and opening up service expansion possibilities.

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The Importance of Mobile and Cloud Computing

The primary reason why custom mobile apps are useful for logistics businesses is their mobile nature. Cloud and mobile computing technology are changing the static nature of businesses and expanding their remote capabilities for holistic business processes. Mobile devices are convenient and being used by nearly everyone, which means workers and consumers can almost always be reached through their custom mobile app.

Developing a Custom Mobile App

The potential for success with custom mobile apps is evident, but where do entrepreneurs and businesses start? Developing a custom mobile app can be a daunting task, but successful companies in the sharing economy have largely been successful because of their ability to delegate and collaborate.

Collaboration, delegation, and project outsourcing are modern business trends that provide companies with access to top talent expertise within a lean project methodology. For instance, when it comes to developing a custom mobile app for logistical purposes, outsourcing to an industry leader like AppIt Ventures gives startups and established companies the assurance of attaining optimal quality, functionality, and innovation in their custom mobile app.


Custom mobile apps are powering the sharing economy and expanding modern businesses' logistical capabilities. Entrepreneurs and established businesses are working with technological partners to develop innovative custom mobile apps. Logistics services within the sharing economy are being streamlined and made possible through cloud and mobile computing technology.

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