Do Small Fashion Boutique Stores Need a Mobile App?

A fashion boutique store's visibility and opportunity to engage increases when loyal customers download its app and store it on their phones.

Small Boutique Apps

Local and regional fashion boutique stores are owned and operated by entrepreneurs who understand how important their brand image is. They also understand what products are in demand, how to display them, and what to charge. Many fashion boutique stores also have a robust online presence with an ecommerce store. The question we’ll address in this article is: do small fashion boutique stores need a custom mobile app?

The Nature of Boutique Stores

Boutique businesses are unique from one another, each offering niche items with their own sense of style and presentation. Fashion boutique stores carrying clothing and accessories, are trying to reach a specific audience who appreciates the styles and types of the items they sell. The unique qualities of each store’s items and shopping experience tends to foster customer loyalty long-term.

When it comes to marketing, fashion boutiques often rely on customer referrals, online websites and eStores, and maybe some traditional methods of advertising. They may also have a subscriber email list with deals and updates, social media, or a video marketing campaign. The nature of a small fashion boutique is a unique storefront business, with loyal customers and a strong brand.

Benefits of a Mobile App

Businesses with a strong brand and a loyal customer base would benefit the most from having a custom mobile app. Basically, every customer has a mobile phone, which means potentially every customer would be interested in downloading a fashion boutique’s custom mobile app. Of course, by doing so they would be expecting something in return, such as daily discounts, in-stock updates, fashion trend updates, etc.

Mobile phone usage is conducted mostly through apps, because apps are easier to access and provide better UX than mobile optimized websites. Loyal customers can simply click on the app to see what’s new, and even shop directly from the app. The boutique store’s visibility increases when loyal customers download their app and store it on their mobile phones.

Having a mobile app gives business owners a more direct line of communication to their customer base. It also increases loyalty from their customer base by enticing customers with a fun, exciting, and useful mobile app they can download for free. Customers will have something more to talk about in relation to your brand, which means referrals will increase as well.

Brand Recognition

Overall, a custom mobile app is a great marketing tool for businesses. It improves brand recognition by being a familiar fixture on customers’ mobile phones. When customers see the routine notifications and brand logo on their touch screen, the brand becomes solidified in their minds. Although they may shop at other fashion boutiques, they’ll remember the one with the mobile app first.

Just because a fashion boutique shop is local or regional doesn’t mean it can’t define its brand and become recognized as an authority in its niche market. A call for action to download the mobile app brings more depth and credibility to a small fashion boutique store. Having an app can be the difference that puts the boutique store on the map when it comes to brand recognition.

Developing a Custom Mobile App

Developing a custom mobile app is easier and more affordable than ever before. Advances in mobile technology over the years have leveled the playing field, giving small businesses viable options to develop a custom app.

The innovative quality in UI and UX design allows each app to function and feel like the unique business it’s made for. This means customers will be impressed, and useful tools can be managed for ongoing marketing strategies.

Owners of small fashion boutique businesses generally don’t have the technical expertise to develop a custom mobile app on their own. This is the case for most businesses, and that’s why many businesses are outsourcing their mobile app development to companies like Applt Ventures. Small and large businesses are seeing the benefits of outsourcing their mobile app development to a dedicated app company that can reliably produce top quality, cutting-edge results.

Applt Ventures has the expertise and experience to create the perfect custom mobile app for any business. Small fashion boutique businesses, especially, have a great opportunity to benefit by having a mobile app to share with loyal customers. Mobile apps have taken the spotlight when it comes to marketing and interacting with customers, which makes the case for even small businesses to consider developing their own custom mobile app.

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