3 Reasons for Businesses to Develop a Custom Mobile App

There are at least three good reasons now is a better time than ever for businesses (large and small) to invest in developing a custom mobile app.

Not every business has yet seen the need to develop a custom mobile app and join the 4.2 million apps available on the Android and Apple markets. Regional and small businesses, especially, may question the need to complicate their online presence with a mobile app seemingly. Yet, data shows that mobile users are growing and are the most influential audience online to reach. With this in mind, here are three reasons for businesses to have a custom mobile app:

  • Mobile Usage vs. Laptop/Desktop
  • Mobile App Use over Non-App
  • Affordability and Quality of Development

Mobile Usage vs. Laptop/Desktop

In this article by Wireless Week, we find a nifty easy-to-read graph showing the growth of mobile and tablet use compared to desktop in 2013-2015. According to the article, “When smartphone usage is combined with time spent on tablets, the proportion of time spent consuming digital media on mobile devices rises to 65 percent. That figure is up 12 percentage points from 53% in 2013….”

The shift from desktop/laptop to mobile devices has taken place within the last few years; younger generations of Americans prefer mobile devices, and mobile technology offers larger screens and better UX. The affordability and availability of mobile devices also contribute to the trend, which doesn’t show any indications of slowing down.

Mobile App Use over Non-App Use

So, we agree that mobile devices are utilized more often, but what are users doing when on their mobile devices? We can gain some insight from this TechCrunch article, which says that “consumers spend 85% of their time on smartphones in apps.” The percentage of time mobile users spend on apps vs. non-apps shows that native apps have a distinct advantage over non-apps. What this means for businesses is that developing a custom mobile app is the best way to reach this growing mobile market.

Affordability and Quality of App Development

As mobile technology grows, so does the sophistication of app development. The good part is that developing a business app is more affordable than ever. Methods of development have rapidly been refined and offer excellent quality and usability for a reasonable price. This combination allows small and large businesses to develop quality custom apps for their customers.

Custom UX/UI app designs integrated with databases, servers, and APIs can be accomplished through a new cloud infrastructure or existing ERP systems. Agile custom app development is highly adaptable and, in addition, can be used to create custom web applications that manage and control the content in mobile apps.

Hiring a mobile app development company to build a custom business app gives small businesses a way to get top talent to design and develop a premium app. In addition, large and small businesses are seeing the benefits of outsourcing their app development because hiring an in-house development team is significantly more expensive and requires more management.


The world has seen mobile usage surpass desktop within the last few years. Mobile technology and availability are spurring the growing trend of people accessing the Internet through their mobile devices rather than desktop/laptops. This mobile usage is mostly spent on apps, which means businesses need to have a custom-built app developed to reach this growing market.

Applt Ventures helps businesses develop quality apps. We have expertise in Android and Apple app development and have an experienced team of professionals to assist clients through every stage of the software development cycle. We aim to help you develop high-end business apps that generate brand engagement, drive productivity, and increase revenue.

Developing a quality custom app for your business is an effective and fun way to interact with your audience. When working with Applt Ventures, the streamlined process is simple, so developing a business app doesn’t have to be a complicated experience. To learn more, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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