Smartwatch App Development

The Increasing Business Usability for Smartwatch Apps

A number of business apps are now available for smartwatches, enabling employees and managers to more effectively help the business succeed and grow.

Smartwatches were initially thought to be a gimmicky consumer-focused pieces of hardware when Apple first released its first watch a few years ago. However, as other brands have released similar smartwatches, it has become clear that these devices also have a lot of potential for the business world.

In recent years, a growing number of business apps have become available for smartwatches, helping employees and managers improve the efficiency of their processes, generate more revenue, and help the business succeed and grow. A recent survey by the international research firm IDC found that 88% of app developers are interested in building applications designed for wearable devices like smartwatches specific to business. Meanwhile, 75% of IT decision-makers believe that apps for business will become a priority.

One example of a smartwatch app for business is Evernote. This mobile and desktop app allows users to easily take and share notes, create to-do lists, and more. However, Evernote recently added a wearable capability that enhances its possibilities. Now, business professionals can check off and add items to their lists or notes directly from their smartwatches, even using voice control functionality. This feature can be handy for managers who need to jot down notes during meetings or keep track of tasks on the go.

Another smartwatch app for business is BetterWorks, which is an extension of the existing smartphone app. This app allows business managers to track their employees' performance by setting goals for each employee (and themselves) and monitoring the movement toward those goals with integrated benchmark and feedback mechanisms. For team leaders and project managers, this app can be invaluable in helping them understand where individual projects stand and how their team is performing.

Salesforce is the biggest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution on the market. Businesses can significantly improve their marketing and sales processes through its extensive contact database and marketing interface. In addition, Salesforce's smartwatch app allows users to quickly call up analytics or insights about individual sales prospects, no matter where they are. Having this vital sales information at their fingertips can help salespeople close deals more effectively.

iMeet Agenday is another smartwatch app for businesses that can be incredibly useful for managers. Calendar management is often a difficult and time-consuming, especially if managers keep multiple calendars. iMeet Agenday helps managers manage their calendars on the go through their smartwatches. Helpful notifications ensure that they don't miss a meeting or deadline, while the app can also pull in additional information before meetings, such as the LinkedIn profile of participants.

For freelancers, at-home employees, and managers, tracking the time they work on individual projects is crucial to ensuring they work efficiently and get as much done as possible. Hours for Apple Watch allows users to track their time on multiple projects simultaneously and without effort. As a result, this app can help individuals achieve a more effective and successful work balance.

Finally, Trello is a perfect organizational app for work teams. It allows teams to organize and track their to-do lists, collaborate on priorities, brainstorm, and track the process of individual projects. Trello helps teams stay up-to-date and organized in ensuring any type of project gets done as desired and on time.

As smartwatches evolve into helpful business tools, businesses may consider developing smartwatch apps tailored to their specific needs. The increasing number of apps available to improve business processes and efficiency speak for themselves. Whether through existing smartwatch or custom-made apps, smartwatches can help businesses succeed and grow.

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