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AppIt Ventures Has Partnered with Great Data Minds and Its Affiliate GDM Innovation Labs

AppIt Ventures and Great Data Minds have officially partnered. See the details of our partnership and how it will positively impact our clients.

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DENVER, CO – October 26, 2022 – Consulting firm Great Data Minds and its affiliated company GDM Innovation Labs have partnered with AppIt Ventures, an award-winning, woman-owned, custom software development company. Through the partnership, Great Data Minds and AppIt will join forces to help educate organizations worldwide about the power and impact of applying proper data practices to web and mobile applications.  

“Great Data Minds was founded with the goal of helping organizations modernize their data programs. We’ve seen the toll that antiquated data and technology programs can take on good organizations who are trying, but unable, to keep up with the accelerated pace of change,” said Julie Burroughs, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Great Data Minds. “Joining hands with AppIt as our go-to custom software development  partner, we are now better able to affect change in one of the areas that we see as ripe for beneficial disruption.”

Great Data Minds educates, inspires, and connects data and analytics professionals across the globe, providing opportunities for collaboration and advocating for best practices and best technology use. Through events, content, and other community-building opportunities Great Data Minds helps organizations innovate, modernize, and transform their data and analytics operations.

AppIt Ventures focuses primarily on mobile app development (iOS, Android, and cross-platform), web app development, code audits, and staff augmentation. AppIt works with various industries and specializes in helping companies level up by effectively digitizing their internal manual processes. In short, the company helps turn spreadsheets and paper-based processes into custom software solutions that make a positive impact.

“The AppIt team is thrilled to partner with the data experts at GDM Innovation Labs to help bring thoughtful custom software design and development and best in class data collection, management and analysis to our clients. Everyone knows that data, when properly used, has the power to bring about immense positive change to organizations, and it’s our pleasure to work with some of the best data experts in the industry,” said Amanda Moriuchi, CEO of AppIt Ventures.

To support the launch of the partnership, Great Data Minds and AppIt will co-host a special event on November 16, 2022. This event, titled: How Web and Mobile Applications Can Enhance Your Company’s Data Experience, will explore how best-in-class apps blend intention and intuition to automate the front-end business needs, collect the right data at the right time, and offer up a natural integration of the ‘analytics last mile’.

This session will cover:

  • Data-Specific Use Cases for UI
  • Designing for the Right End User (Effective Design Features by Persona)
  • Solutions for Embedded Analytics

About Great Data Minds

Great Data Minds is on a mission to EDUCATE, INSPIRE, and CONNECT data and analytics professionals worldwide. The company holds events and creates content for the data community at large. It  focuses on innovation, modernization, and transformation.

GDM is a diverse group of passionate data activists. Their experience and continued work with organizations of all sizes produces undeniable results and enables organizations to thrive through the use of data.

For more information, please visit Great Data Mind’s website:

About AppIt Ventures

AppIt Ventures is a woman-owned and led custom software development company based in Denver, CO. The company focuses primarily on mobile app development (iOS, Android, and cross-platform), web app development, code audits, and staff augmentation. AppIt is industry agnostic and has worked with clients in various fields and stages, but they specialize in working with healthcare, health and wellness, government, non-profits, logistics and shipping, and medical device companies. The company aims to help organizations level up through the thoughtful fusion of people and technology.

For more information, please visit AppIt’s website:

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