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Why Mobile App Solutions Outweigh Mobile Website Optimization

Developing a mobile app may be even more advantageous for your business than mobile website optimization - read on to find out why.

Some interesting stats are found in an article titled, “5 Reasons Businesses Should Invest in a Mobile App”, showing the compelling evidence of why mobile app solutions outweigh mobile website optimization. This isn’t to say a business should ignore their mobile website (they shouldn’t), but it does suggest they should focus more on developing their business app first.

That article was published on July 25, 2014, and the popularity of mobile apps has only increased since then. The article states, “only 28 percent of businesses have a mobile app.” And then it states that “mobile users spend 89 percent of the time that they’re consuming mobile media in apps.”

Small Businesses Are Getting On Board the App Trend

As we can see from just 2014 til 2016, small businesses are rapidly getting on board the app trend. From what is gathered in these articles, 2015 was a moving year, mostly because of app development’s improved affordability combined with advancing technology. These two ingredients have allured small businesses into the app game, which is something as consumers we’ve all been noticing.

Considering the amount of time mobile users are spending on apps, mobile website optimization should take a back seat to the development of a mobile app. There are other significant reasons to conclude this is a wise strategy. These can include such things as:

Briefly, we’ll discuss these positive effects. Customers downloading an app are more involved with engaging the company, rather than simply visiting a website. The ease of clicking on the readily available app will increase visitation, and seeing the icon on their phone will help people remember your brand and engage with your company more often.

People are increasingly shopping not just online, but through their apps. With increasing functionality gained through advanced app development and cloud-based solutions, businesses can offer their products and services in dynamic ways through their custom-built apps.

Some new customers will be gained as trend setters looking for a new app to try out. Being available in an app store attracts the random user searching for an interesting app in your industry. This will garner some new users who are unlikely to ever find your business otherwise.

The last couple years’ trends indicate that small businesses are going to be left out if they don’t develop an app. This isn’t a fear factor to get everyone in line, but simply a statistical trend. If you’re keen to profit from having an app developed in order to keep up with and beat the competition, then now is the time to get started. Otherwise, not offering an app would be the equivalent of not having a website 10 years ago. Soon enough you’re going to realize you need one. But will you realize it before your customers do?


Developing an app for your business doesn’t have to be an either/or situation in regards to website optimization, rather a wake-up call to what should be priority. Of course, a loyal customer base uses your mobile website, and having one that functions well is important. Yet, if businesses are developing this and neglecting to develop an app, then they’re missing out on a golden opportunity.

Now when businesses decided to develop their custom app, keep in mind not every app development company is the same. Finding a quality app development company to work with will make all the difference.

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