5 Crucial Benefits of Custom Mobile Software for Your Business

An off-the-shelf software solution may seem appealing, but don't forget these crucial advantages to developing custom mobile software for your business.

A presence in the digital space has become so crucial to reach your customers and stakeholders, the question is shifting from whether you need a presence to just what that presence should look like. And whether you are a small business looking to establish your digital brand identity, or a larger entity needing to create an in-depth digital experience, a mobile solution is now a must to compete in the digital space.

Just how should you establish that mobile presence? Too often, a blanket, ‘off-the-shelf’ mobile solution seems appealing (not to mention cheap) enough to give it a shot. But for sustained, long-term success, you might want to consider a custom software solution instead. Here are 5 crucial benefits of custom mobile software for your business that you should take into consideration before making your choice.

1. Customizability

Let’s start with the obvious. An off-the-shelf mobile solution comes with a set number of features that your business may or may not need. On the other hand, a custom mobile app allows you to tailor the experience specifically to your business and brand experience.

2. Controlling Costs

It may seem counter-intuitive to call custom software more cost-effective than its counterpart, but that doesn’t make it any less true. If you view your app development costs as an investment instead, you can see where we’re coming from. Once the development is done, you don’t have to worry about continuous license fees, user limits, or other third-party impacts on your budget. In addition, you’re able to control costs by avoiding payments for features you can’t or won’t actually use.

3. Integration

A custom mobile app is also crucial for integrating your experience, which is crucial on two levels. First, it can be designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing backend infrastructure, meaning that you can sync contacts, content, and much more with your existing systems.

Second, your user experience will also be integrated. Chances are that your mobile app will not be the only touch point with your users, who will also be exposed to the rest of your marketing and customer service strategy. A mobile app ensures consistency across these touch points, improving and integrating your overall brand experience.

4. Competitive Advantage

Imagine, for just a moment, your biggest competitors. How do they provide their users with a mobile experience? They might gravitate toward the same, off-the-shelf software you’re currently considering. And if that happens, and you all end up with the same app, how are you supposed to get ahead?

Custom mobile software, on the other hand, will be unique to your brand. That, in turn, means you can design an app that features your unique value proposition, and allows you to stand out among your competition.

5. Maintenance

Designing a custom mobile app means you have complete control over when to go through updates, and troubleshooting any issues. Instead of having to wait for the off-the-shelf provider to update their software or fix your issue, you and your developer can take matters into your own hands.

That part is especially crucial if you consider the possibility that off-the-shelf software providers might go out of business or discontinue the support for your software. You won’t have that problem with custom mobile apps, which you can maintain on your own schedule and for as long as you need.

In other words, a custom mobile solution comes with significant benefits that are not easy to ignore. Initially, going with an established off-the-shelf solution may seem to make a lot of sense. But once you dig into the details and consider the long-term effects of control and customizability, your choice may become a lot easier. To learn more about custom mobile software development and how it can benefit your business, contact us!

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