JourneyApps Platform gives AppIt's clients new dev horsepower

May 29, 2020

Our partner, JourneyApps, said it best: “The most important ingredient in any business’s app development project is the developer.” While custom software development shops have traditionally been the go-to option for enterprise-level app development projects, app development platforms are now paving the way for developers to deliver enterprise apps in a fraction of the time.

Through our new partnership with JourneyApps, AppIt will be able to dramatically boost development horsepower for our clients. If you’re interested in learning how a custom software development company partnered with a custom app platform could provide additional value to your company, read on. We’ll highlight three important reasons why industrial companies would be wise to take advantage of this partnership.

Unparalleled Flexibility

JourneyApps’ new OXIDE platform (launching this summer, 2020) allows developers to deliver apps that work across several platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, & web)  from a single codebase.  Developers can code these apps in JavaScript, by far the most widely-used app development language. This provides a high level of accessibility and familiarity for developers who are new to the platform but already proficient in JavaScript.

If you have a full in-house delivery team, stop wasting valuable time learning multiple operating systems and build your enterprise custom app on JourneyApps instead, without sacrificing speed.

If your company doesn’t have an in-house development team, don’t panic. AppIt’s developers are fully trained on the platform and can provide design, development, and deployment services. In fact, AppIt’s developers can help you with the full range of services, from full-stack development to legacy integrations to ad hoc services like tech consulting and ongoing support and maintenance.

Maximum Speed, Support, and Scalability

JourneyApps was designed to meet the needs of industrial companies, so many commonly-required, app-level functionalities are pre-built and ready to be re-used in any new app.  The frontend and backend extensibility that the platform provides means custom-built components can be integrated directly into an app. Because apps built on the platform benefit from platform-level maintenance and updates, building highly custom apps doesn’t have to mean taking on heavy ongoing maintenance burdens.

Add to this AppIt’s international team of designers and developers, allowing us to work around the clock – making last-minute customization, rapid turnaround, and technical support accessible to our clients. In addition, we work in a blended agile methodology to meet quick deadlines on high-stakes projects. This combination of speed and accessibility helps our clients ensure that security and scalability are implemented early on and their app is updated as needed.

Higher Productivity

JourneyApps gives in-house developers full control over all aspects of their custom applications. The OXIDE web-based development environment requires no installation and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. As such, developers have the utmost flexibility as to where and when they work on the apps.

Because developers can control all aspects of their app from a single environment, unnecessary handoffs to specialized teams can be eliminated. Developers can add a UI component to a view layout in one moment and add a field to their app’s data model the next – all without navigating to a different system or even a different browser tab. Companies gain full transparency into what their own team is doing, as well as any third-party custom development teams they’ve hired to help them with their project on JourneyApps.

They can use features like live co-editing with third parties to give and receive instant feedback and resolve issues early on. Immediate changes can be made from either end when needed, and there is a high level of accountability and creative problem-solving in this collaborative environment. JourneyApps refers to it as “Google Docs meets VS Code,” ideal for developers who require a quiet, undisturbed environment that still includes collaboration.


Increased flexibility, efficiency, and productivity are three of the key ways the AppIt and JourneyApps partnership solves many major pain points for industrial companies. Our clients can now enjoy the value of the app development platform for industrial companies combined with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they have full access to the technical support and development services the AppIt Team provides. To learn more about how this partnership will help you rapidly deliver your next custom app project in an unparalleled timeframe, check out the webinar replay with AppIt Ventures CEO, Amanda Moriuchi, and JourneyApps CEO, Conrad Hofmeyr.

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