Socially Responsible Apps Making an Impact

September 3, 2013

The power of mobile apps is amazing. By innovating and disrupting patterns in our daily lives, mobile devices and apps have transformed the world we live in so dramatically that future generations will hardly be able to imagine how we ever existed without them.

Some apps are using this power to make a positive difference in society. These are the apps inspired by real-world problems that affect every individual on the planet (not to mention the planet itself). Entrepreneurs saw these problems as opportunities and created mobile apps to help us lead more socially responsible lives.

So, want to help save the world? You might not be able to reverse climate change or eliminate world hunger, but these socially responsible apps will help you come close!

Charity Miles App

Charity Miles | iPhone, iPad, and Android

Exercise is good for you. Helping others is good for you too. With the Charity Miles app, you can do both at the same time! Just turn it on when you start your workout, and Charity Miles will donate money to the organization of your choice for every mile you walk, run, or bike. Put down the cookies, grab your running shoes, and get out there to do some good.
Download on iTunes | Download on Android

Rice Vocabulary App

Rice Vocabulary | Android
Want to help feed the hungry? The Rice Vocabulary app is a fun way to donate rice by testing your vocabulary skills. It’s easy to play and you can play at various skill levels, and for every correct answer, the app developers will donate rice to hungry people throughout the world. I bet those people will be very grateful that you traded some of your Angry Birds time to help prevent starvation.

PaperKarma | iPhone, iPad, and Android

Are you tired of junk mail? Of course you are! I am too, and that’s why PaperKarma is one of my favorite apps of all time. Just snap a photo of your junk mail and PaperKarma will unsubscribe you from the mailing list, so you never receive unsolicited mail from that sender again. Not only will you have less junk mail, but you’ll also help the environment by helping companies use less paper. Win-win!
Download on iTunes | Download on Android

Buycott | iPhone, iPad, and Android

The Buycott app allows you to scan any product and determine if the owners of the company (who you’re about to give money to), share your same values.  Simply identify which causes you care about, scan the barcode, and the app will tell you whether or not that company supports or opposes your position on each cause. Or you could just buy whatever you want, but you know what Alexander Hamilton would say: “he who stands for nothing will fall for everything.”
Download on iTunes | Download on Android

GoodGuide | iPhone, iPad, and Android
The GoodGuide app also helps shoppers make socially responsible purchase decisions. It evaluates products based on specific criteria: its eco-friendliness, health impact, and social responsibility. So unless you hate polar bears, now is the time to download this app and do something to save them from untimely extinction.
Download on iTunes | Download on Android

iRecycle Mobile App

iRecycle | iPhone, iPad, and Android
You might be one of those people who wants to recycle, but don’t because the trash can at the end of your driveway is so much easier to find. Well, you’re going to have to find a new excuse, because the iRecycle app lists every recycling drop-off location near you, complete with directions. Now you can deliver recyclable items on your way to work or school. Conversely, you could just skip this app and let your kids grow up in a world without polar bears. It’s up to you.
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Find Green Android App

Find Green | Android
What if you’re looking for more than a socially responsible product, but an entire socially responsible business? Then the Find Green app is what you need. This app will help you locate green and sustainable businesses that work to provide great products and services through socially responsible practices. If you can’t be bothered to recycle, then at least you can support businesses that do, right?

Touch to Give iPhone App

Touch to Give | iPhone and iPad
Don’t want to exercise or play word games to donate to charity? Or maybe you just want to do more. Either way, the Touch To Give iPhone app is as easy as it gets – you literally just tap a button to donate to causes like hunger, animal rescue, and breast cancer research. In just 5 seconds, you can prove that you are not a self-absorbed monster.
Download on iTunes (not available in US App Store)

Catalista | iPhone and iPad
Next time you have a free afternoon, think about offering your time at a local non-profit or charity for a boost in your social responsibility points. Catalista helps match volunteers with local organizations that need their help, so it has never been easier to make a difference. Or you can just watch that Seinfeld rerun and wallow in your lack of contributions to society – your choice.
Download on iTunes

With these apps, you will have the power to change the world, too. Do you know of another app that should be on this list?

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