Silicon Valley Story Under Renovation

We’re pleased to announce that we've taken over ownership of Silicon Valley Story for Android and are in the process of completely overhauling the game. 

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve taken over ownership of Silicon Valley Story for Android and are in the process of completely overhauling the game. We’ve read through every single review and are taking steps to address all of them. This will also include a graphical overhaul; here’s a glimpse of what is to come:

Some of the most persistent feedback includes the lack of instructions in the game. This will be a major component of the new version when it launches, but in the meantime, here’s a quick primer:

You’ll start the game with $800,000 in revenue. This is the total amount of money you have available to invest and pay your employees. If you spend too much and go into the red, eventually your business will go bankrupt!

The silhouette figures are your employees. Each one has a specific job:

1. Engineer – Creates the Central Processing Unit (CPU) for your products
Levels: Electrical Engineer, Lead Engineer, Sr. Engineer

2. Software Engineer – Creates the Operating System (OS) for your products
Levels: Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer, Sr. Software Engineer

3. Designer – Creates the hardware / look of the device.
Levels: Hardware Designer, Lead Designer, Sr. Designer

4. Product Manager – Creates the final product based on the CPU/OS/Hardware Configuration. The configuration of the product and your stats determine the selling price.
Levels: Lead Product Manager, Sr. Product Manager, Product Director

5. Products that can be produced:
Nehkia, Razor, eyeBook, Crackberry, eyePhone, Nebula S3, eyePad

6. Lawyer – Provides the user with income when they are running out of funds. The player can sue other companies for cash. The success rate is based on the Lawyer’s job title.
As the new owners (and a tech company ourselves!) we’re not a fan of this feature and will be removing it in the update. But for the current version it is useful when you run out of money.

7. Marketing – This determines how many customers shop in your retail stores. When you first start the game, a customer enters your store every 10 seconds. As your marketing percentage rises a customer can enter your store as fast as every 2 seconds.

Current Game Play Instructions:

Now that you know what everyone does, select people and build each of the three components required for a new product: CPU, OS & Hardware. Then select your manager to assemble all the parts.

Great job. You have officially started development on your first product! When you’re ready, click on the Factory tab to manufacture your new product.

Click the worker and select the product you want manufactured. You must click each person on the assembly line, as they each contribute one of the 3 components to the final product. When they’re finished, click the bottom worker to deliver the product to the truck.

Now that you have designed and developed a product line, you need to sell it! Click on the ‘Sales’ tab. This is where your products will appear for sale. Click the customers to make them purchase products.

That’s it! Your company is off to a great start. Increase your staff and assemble more products to grow the next great Silicon Valley Company!

Based on our experience playing the game, and your feedback, here is a list of upcoming features in the new game:

  1. Interactive tutorial that explains how to play the game and win!
  2. Manufacturing and sales both occur in the background once they’ve been started.
  3. Zoom in, or zoom out. The choice is yours.
  4. Pause the game, get a snack. It’ll be waiting for you.
  5. Every piece of artwork including the game setting, characters, title menu and instructions will be completely re-imagined.
  6. The game dynamics have been sped up to increase the interactivity required to play, while the actual time clock in the game has been slowed to reduce the added chaos.
  7. Silicon Valley game dynamics will be completely re-worked. You’ll only have one employee when you start the game, instead of six!
  8. Take on the role of human resources. Too many employees? Let some go. Just don’t be heartless about it… mmmkay.
  9. There will be more products than ever to develop. This includes Google Glass style headsets, game consoles, and wearable technology. Plus the ability to design and develop apps for your users!
  10. All of this and more will be yours inside the new Silicon Valley Story!

We’re currently hard at work on all of the new graphics, as well as game dynamics. Our goal is to launch the updated version around the first week of September. ‍This is your chance to influence the future development of the game.

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