July 24, 2013

Please Vote for Our Project to be Part of Denver Startup Week!

Will you please help AppIt Ventures by voting for our project to be part of Denver Startup Week this year? We want to give back to the Denver community to say thanks for its support of our startups & small businesses. We’d be truly grateful for your vote — Thank You for your help!

Description of what we are planning: Small Business Gives Back

As startups we rely on the community to support and grow our products, services, and ideas. We would like to thank the community by spending a morning giving back to the great city of Denver to show how much we appreciate all of the support. We are proposing to paint playground equipment, remove debris, mulch trees and shrubs, edge sidewalks, and more at Lincoln Park in Denver on September 18th from 9 am -1 pm (participants can come and go as they please). This would be a great time to show the Denver community how much we appreciate its support of our startups and small businesses!

Thanks again to all of our supporters. We truly appreciate it!

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