50 Best Apple Watch App Ideas

September 9, 2014

After years of waiting, Apple has finally announced the oft-rumored Apple Watch. Speculation has been growing for years and many industry analysts believe this is one of the most important product launches for Apple in the post Steve Jobs era.

To celebrate, we’ve come up with a list of the 50 best Apple Watch app ideas collected from across the industry, rumored standard functionality and staff favorites.

  1. Turn by turn directions (confirmed)
  2. Voice activated notes (confirmed)
  3. Caller ID  (confirmed)
  4. Pedometer  (confirmed)
  5. Stopwatch  (confirmed)
  6. Calendar  (confirmed)
  7. HealthKit  (confirmed)
  8. Siri  (confirmed)
  9. Music  (confirmed)
  10. Weather  (confirmed)
  11. Flashlight  (confirmed)
  12. Messaging (confirmed)
  13. Camera
  14. Accept & Place Phone Calls
  15. Speed dialer
  16. Apple Device Controller (confirmed)
  17. Find iPhone
  18. Notifications (confirmed)
  19. Calculator (confirmed)
  20. Compass
  21. Shopping lists
  22. Temperature converter
  23. Bluetooth device remote (confirmed)
  24. Sound control
  25. Face Time
  26. NFC Payments (confirmed)
  27. Sport score updates
  28. Shopping deal alerts
  29. Breaking news alerts
  30. Cooking recipes
  31. Step by step instructions for building things
  32. Comparative price shopping
  33. Translator
  34. Diet tracker
  35. Sleep monitor
  36. Find Friends
  37. Map My Run
  38. Internet Search (confirmed)
  39. Banking apps
  40. Smart home integration (confirmed)
  41. Yelp
  42. Pandora
  43. Shazam
  44. Nest (Honeywell confirmed)
  45. Candy Crush
  46. Clash of Clans
  47. Tinder
  48. Uber  (confirmed)
  49. Tesla Command (BWM confirmed)
  50. Clock?

What Apple Watch app ideas do you have?

UPDATE: Apple has unveiled the new storefront for the Apple Watch

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