How to Know When You're Ready to Build an App

March 16, 2023

Having an app allows for a more intimate engagement with your customers, but how do you know if you're ready to build an app?

Join Amanda Moriuchi, CEO of AppIt Ventures, and AJ Vaden, Co-Founder and CEO of Brand Builders Group and Host of The Influential Personal Brand Podcast, as they break down the process of building, launching, growing, and monetizing an app.

Amanda shares insights into the growing mobile app trends, the sense of community tech facilitates, and the role of apps in creating intimate bonds amongst customers.

Also discussed are the main revenue streams of apps, when it makes sense to monetize them, and how to calculate the price point for paid apps.

Ultimately, determine whether you need an app, and what it will take to create and maintain one while providing value to your community.

Watch the interview on The Influential Personal Brand Podcast or take our quiz, "Are you ready to build an app" below and find out if investing in a mobile app is the right choice for you.

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