Amanda Moriuchi is the driving force behind one of the most successful female-owned tech development firms in the world. With nearly two decades of experience working with premier startups, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and nonprofits, she wears her passion for helping clients access and apply the breakthrough benefits of technology on her sleeve.


As the CEO of AppIt Ventures, she envisions a world where clients understand, embrace, and apply technology to help them improve lives and enhance their impact. It only takes a few short moments talking withAmanda to recognize that this vision feels much less like a career and much more like a calling—almost as if technology chose her, not the other way around.


To Amanda, if technology is the question, AppIt is the answer. With hundreds of clients and nearly 1,000 custom applications to her credit, her insights have been featured in numerous major media outlets, including the likes of Forbes and YahooFinance. She has been recognized by Denver BusinessJournal as a 40 Under40 leader, as aback-to-back finalist for the annual APEX CEO of the Year Awards, and for the company’s myColorado app designation as Project of the Year by the Colorado Technology Association.


“It sometimes feels like I was literally born to do this,” she says. “Call it experience or insight or a knack for finding efficiencies, but when many times when clients bring me their technology challenges, I can see the solution from beginning to end in my head—even in that first meeting.”


Amanda graduated with a business degree in marketing and accounting from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Early in her career, she served as a tutor for Whiz Kids and founded local Meetup group, Denver Women in Tech. She’s been a guest instructor at the University of Colorado Denver, a member of Colorado ThoughtLeaders Forum board of advisors, a sought-after speaker, and a mentor to college-aged entrepreneurs. Add to this her role as the wife of a Denver firefighter and mother to three boys and it’s hard not to marvel at what she and her team have been able to accomplish.


“To the casual observer, it probably seems like a lot,” she reflects. “But I’m addicted to the positive energy exchange that comes from serving, whether that’s alleviating a client’s pain through technology, investing in relationships, or helping to develop future generations of leaders—which, by the way, includes my children.”

Amanda believes that her own leadership style is a direct reflection of her family, both in the way she was raised and in the way she and Aaron are raising their own children. “I’m the mom that is always engaging with my kids and their friend sat their level,” she says. “Playing in the pool, jumping on the trampoline, or just kneeling down so we can actually converse face to face makes a big difference. Not just for them, but for me as well. It’s amazing what you learn about life and about yourself when you meet people where they are.”


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