Companies Solving Logistics Problems Using Mobile App Solutions

These companies have developed custom mobile app solutions to provide innovative methods of solving complex logistical problems - read on to find out how.

While mobile apps are becoming a popular way to market and entertain customers, companies are also finding that mobile app solutions provide innovative methods of solving complex logistical problems. The following 3 case studies all involve companies that solved logistical problems using mobile app solutions.

Sendy’s Mobile App Solution for Shipping and Logistics

Sendy is a package delivery company based in Nairobi, Kenya, which is notorious for its gridlocked, busy roads. This company was featured in a recent BBC News‘ article, “Solving Delivery Problems in a Gridlocked City.”

Sendy is a Kenya-based logistics website and mobile phone app, which offers immediate 24/7 package delivery service to all of Nairobi. The article explains that Sendy is a “…24/7 on-demand platform that connects individuals or companies looking to dispatch packages, with motorbike riders offering delivery services.”

Before mobile app solutions were available, delivery companies like Sendy didn’t have efficient ways to connect customers with independent delivery riders. Now with the innovative mobile app solutions they’ve employed, couriers can easily see what work needs to be done and where.

The flexibility, usefulness, and affordability of using smartphones to solve logistical problems gives Sendy’s 60 active riders all the work they need. The mobile app solution also brings a more efficient and cheaper delivery service to customers who need packages delivered immediately.

Pogo’s Mobile App Solution for Child Transportation

According to Pogo, in the U.S. there are 4 billion rides needed every year for children 6-17 years old. Pogo is trying to solve the problem many busy parents are having by trying to fulfill all these rides with their mobile app solution that connect parents with carpools in their area.

Using this mobile app solution, Pogo connect parents with other parents close by in their neighborhoods who can give their children rides to school, sporting events, church, or whatever else is needed.

This collaborative effort is accomplished through an innovative mobile app, which facilitates Pogo’s service on the go. The app’s mission is to relieve parents from the stress of having to give so many rides every year, cut down on pollution from vehicles, and unblock the traffic on roadways.

ParqEx’s Mobile App Solution for Urban Transportation

A Chicago-based company has developed a mobile app solution that provides a way for residents and tourists to park in multiple urban areas around America. ParqEx’s mobile app solution is an innovative way for people to find parking spots for short or long-term periods in 7 different metropolitan areas, including Chicago.

Residents who own unused parking spaces can connect with those looking for parking spaces through ParqEx’s mobile app. Parking in large metropolitan areas can sometimes be impossible, but with mobile technology people can now find simple solutions to their parking problems through mobile apps like ParqEx.


These three companies have solved logistical problems through the use of mobile apps, showing how innovative technology can problem solve and create unique solutions in business. Delivery, transit, and parking are all enhanced through mobile app solutions, yet the available ideas and innovation are not limited to these only.

Consider the possibilities of how mobile app solutions can enhance businesses, organizations, and individuals, and you’ll start to get an idea of how wide open the opportunities are becoming. Mobile technology is only increasing and growing more sophisticated, yet the ability to harness this app trend is becoming more affordable and available in the process.

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