Can Mobile App Solutions Work For Your Law Firm?

There are many benefits to building a mobile app solution for your law firm such as marketing and higher client engagement. Learn more.

Technology has never been closely associated with the law industry, but in the rapidly changing environment of 2020, many law firms have found themselves turning towards tech solutions in order to adapt. Trials are being held via video conference and many physical law offices are either completely closed or operating a limited capacity, meaning that communications with clients (and with each other) are almost exclusively virtual.

If your law firm is finding it hard to adapt in the midst of these unforeseen challenges, mobile app development may be a valuable solution to any new or on-going difficulties. Having an app for your law firm could not only be beneficial during the current circumstances, but for the future as well, and has the potential to significantly strengthen your relationships with clients.

Law Firms Need Convenience and Accessibility

One of the primary benefits of mobile apps, regardless of industry, is how accessible they are. As of 2019, 81% of adults in the U.S. own smartphones, and with those smartphones come the multitude of mobile apps that are used on a daily basis, streamlining users’ lives one download at a time.

For law firms in particular, mobile apps consolidate useful data, documents, conversations, and more all in one convenient location. Clients and law professionals alike can access necessary information on-the-go and any time, and a well-designed mobile app will be able to efficiently organize that information. Paper records can easily become lost or disorganized, and websites don’t always translate well to mobile software, but mobile apps keep things simple and user-friendly.

Law Firms Need Communication Channels

Communication is a crucial part of any law firm’s work, but during this time when in-person meetings are no longer practical, your firm may be facing challenges to how you communicate with clients (and with each other). A mobile app for your law firm would create new, more streamlined pathways to effective communication, through a variety of features. 

Scheduling tools within your mobile app could allow for the quicker, easier scheduling of appointments and meetings. Additionally, mobile apps have the ability to send push notifications to users, reminding them of any scheduled events or alerting them to news/updates. Even chat features within the app can connect you and your clients instantaneously.

Law Firms Need Attractive Marketing

Just like a website, a mobile app can be a valuable marketing tool for your law firm, providing useful information on an attractive, easy-to-use platform. It allows your potential clients to access all of the information they need - who you are, what services you offer, and even prior cases you’ve taken on. 

An app would also be an excellent strategy for keeping your current clients engaged. You can add features such as videos, articles, and blogs, and an app’s sharing capabilities would allow clients to pass things along to people in their network.

Additional Benefits Of Mobile Apps for Law Firms

  • You will give your clients an easy method of communication.
  • Offer quick tips and advice that can help your clients.
  • Allow clients to view your blog or videos.
  • Provide helpful information about the cases you handle.
  • Provide information on all the services you offer.
  • Give people the ability to schedule a consultation with your law office.
  • Give clients the ability to receive instant notifications about your law office, including appointment reminders.
  • Give clients and potentials the ability to share your app, blogs, videos, etc. with others.

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