Outsourced Software Engineers Success Story

How we helped the Starlight Software Solutions Team accelerate their product development.

Client feedback

AppIt Venture is a great partner because they understand what we need to do and supply us with talented resources to help us address our goals.

CEO, Starlight Software Solutions

About the client

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Starlight Software Solutions is an ERP software company that currently offers cloud-based solutions for driving efficiency and increasing profitability for roll-off, commercial, residential, and portable toilet haulers, and recycling facilities. Their real-time solutions enable customers to instantly view key metric data to monitor the performance and profitability of all areas of their operations and business lines. Starlight’s industry-leading solutions are built on the vision of entrepreneur, Bill Bradley, who started the company shortly after purchasing a roll-off business. His vision was to build a suite of solutions that would enable him to add revenue that wasn’t being captured, optimize production efficiency, and accelerate profitability. Starlight does all this and more for his own business, and those of customers. They also streamline customer management, order facilitation, dispatch and inventory, online invoicing and payment processing, and more. Additionally, Starlight’s comprehensive solutions help customers streamline their driver and inventory management, and seamlessly manage their recycling facilities.

Project overview

Starlight reached out to AppIt to help accelerate the go-to-market schedule for the completion of new features and capabilities across new business lines within the waste industry. AppIt was chosen because of its skilled team of engineers, but also its reputation for prompt response and problem resolution. AppIt’s team integrated with the existing team of stellar developers at Starlight Software Solutions to support the ongoing development of their enterprise ERP solutions, including multiple web and mobile apps. The Starlight solution creates a single environment for its customers, drivers, dispatchers, services, inventory, invoices and payments, landfills, and recycling centers. It hosts a complete, seamless, and integrated workflow Business Process Management system.

Project execution

In a short time, we have helped shorten the timelines for feature and product development, and set Starlight up to reach its Go-To-Market goals. Our work with Starlight started with a code audit where we addressed areas of improvement and potential risks and refactored code. It is a strong example of how the talent at AppIt can complement a customer’s team and help to streamline processes, meet development timelines and deliver market-changing solutions.

Project results


The AppIt team was able to integrate quickly and has not only helped move product development forward, but we have also assisted with project management, legacy system upgrades, database and API development, and integrations with other software products, including Quickbooks. Starlight continues to leverage AppIt’s developers to support ongoing development goals and meet their organizational KPIs while maintaining its position as the leading provider of web-based software tools for accelerating business growth and profitability for waste haulers and recyclers across multiple business lines.

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