Education and Enrollment Web Application Success Story

How we built the ScholarLead student enrollment web app

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UX/UI Design
Web App Development
Custom API Integrations
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Doubled enrollment for schools year over year

Project results


The ScholarLead app launched in June of 2022 and has been a huge success thus far. Not only does the app streamline the enrollment process, but and ScholarLead Founders, Uriel Berrum and Nick Brown, have effectively taken their combined experiences of working in several enrollment seasons to invoke positive change in our educational system. The app has helped them drive thousands of parent qualified leads to schools’ enrollment pipelines. Most recently, the ScholarLead team was awarded a six figure investment at the Capital Plus Dolphin Tank Venture Competition.

Client feedback

"We’re very pleased with the transition to AppIt because they’ve delivered high-quality work. They saved our business after working with our first development partner. Additionally, they’re expert software engineers, and I only have great things to say about the partnership."

Co-founder & CEO, Scholarlead

About the client

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ScholarLead solves the most existential problem schools face: enrollment. The ScholarLead team has been helping schools modernize since 2019 by working to bridge the enrollment gap and make quality education available for all. The company’s mission is to provide schools with the technology they need to build a community, prepare scholars to pursue their dreams, and ultimately, change the outcomes of students' lives for the betterment of the world.

Project overview

AppIt worked alongside the ScholarLead team to design and develop a web application that would streamline the enrollment process for educators, administrators, and students. The first and primary goal of the project has always been to help schools grow by saving time and money on enrollment, so that they can focus on the most important aspects of education; educating their students. Secondarily, the app helps families and students build relationships with schools and fosters a sense of community.

Project execution

AppIt approached the project by following our proprietary four step development process. It began with the Discovery phase, where we gathered feature requirements for the ScholarLead web app and discussed the client’s timeline and budget. Then, we moved into Design, where our UX/UI designers turned the ScholarLead concept into visual designs and user flows. Third, our developers took the app’s designs and built a real-working product with all the functionality the ScholarLead team had required. Finally, our team deployed the web app, making it available to the client and their users including administrators and families.


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