Seattle Fish Company Success Story

Providing a great user experience for their customers with a mobile application

Seattle Fish Company

Seattle Fish Company is a locally owned business that sources and distributes fresh seafood to restaurants across the Rocky Mountain region. Seattle Fish Company engaged the services of AppIt Ventures to develop a custom iPhone application that they could provide to their customers in order to simplify the ordering process.

In the past, restaurant managers would call Seattle Fish Company headquarters to request their product selection, arrange payment details, and schedule delivery. Often they’d find that the prices of seafood had fluctuated, or that inventories had decreased. This process was inefficient and cumbersome for both the company and its customers.

AppIt Ventures worked with the Seattle Fish Company team to define their needs, conceptualize the project, create detailed requirement documents and then ultimately develop the software. The app had to seamlessly integrate with their existing backend database. The end result was a high quality iPhone application that not only provides a great user experience for their customers, but also frees up time internally to focus on other goals and priorities.



The Seattle Fish Company mobile application had to seamlessly integrate with their existing order processing ERP system.


The applications had to present all current data in the Seattle Fish Company online inventory system including products, prices and quantity available.


It was important that the apps were visually appealing and matched the existing brand standards to provide an enjoyable customer experience.


The software needed to receive and track customer identification in order to correctly attribute restaurant sales to the correct business.