Caregiver and Client-Matching Web Application Success Story

Connecting caregivers with those in need of respite

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Average user score of 8.5 delivered on budget.

Project overview

PASCO has been delivering excellent service to its care providers and caregivers needing respite. However, before approaching AppIt Ventures, the team at PASCO had to manage the process of matching caregivers with families using a variety of manual processes and homegrown software. Together, we built a user-friendly web application and admin portal that enables PASCO staff to manage better their extensive database of care providers and families, and requests for respite. The app brings the various disparate processes PASCO previously used together in one place, making it easier for caregivers to match with families in need, and for their staff to oversee the process.

Project execution

AppIt approached the project by following our proprietary four-step development process. It began with the Discovery phase, where we gathered feature requirements for the PASCO web app and discussed the client’s timeline and budget. Then, we moved into Design, where our UX/UI designers turned the PASCO concept into visual designs and user flows. Third, our developers took the app’s designs and built a real-working product with all the functionality the PASCO team required. Finally, our team deployed the web app, making it available to the client and their users.

Project results


The PASCO web application and admin portal delivered value to users immediately, scoring 8.5 out of 10 from users. The application was delivered on time and on budget, and the client commended AppIt for its pride of quality, and the ease of use of the application. AppIt was able to anticipate the client's needs, and proactively recommend features and functionality which enhanced the app's impact.

Client feedback

"They identified our needs before we realized them, made thoughtful and experienced recommendations, and helped guide us to an even better deliverable than we could have imagined."

Vice President, PASCO

About the client

Client team photo

PASCO is a Denver-based non-profit providing home health care services and support, so that every person may live a fulfilled life in their home and community, regardless of disability. They utilize a network approach to match caregivers with those in need of respite.


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