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How we built the Lionshare Negotiations business application.

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200% improvement in deal value

Project results


The Lionshare Negotiations web-based application launched in early 2020. By offering a tool that allowed not just sales reps, but organizations to track real-time data and to closely monitor considerable deal factors, both individuals and their greater organizations saw better financial outcomes. Many of Lionshare’s clients saw increases of 10X-20X in their deal sizes. One client, in particular, saw a 200% increase in the value of a $7.5 million dollar deal and doubled his profit margin from using the new web-based application.

Client feedback

"The solution arrived on time, and AppIt Ventures turned around last-minute adjustments to meet the final project deadlines. They clearly articulated the whole process from the start so we could understand what we were getting into."

COO, Lionshare Negotiations

About the client

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Lionshare Negotiations helps salespeople architect exceptional deals and get the lion's share of what's on the negotiator's table. Lionshare’s step-by-step training system helps negotiators evaluate things like concessions and where they can be made, how concessions can impact an overall deal size, and even tells them where to establish boundaries to minimize their risk and maximize their outcomes.

Project overview

AppIt Ventures partnered with Lionshare Negotiations to develop a complimentary piece of custom software for their proprietary sales training. The final product, a branded web-based application, introduced a level of both security and scalability for both Lionshare and its users. Not only does the new application allow them to protect their intellectual property (IP), but it grants their clients remote and instant access to all of the tools and methodologies that they learned in their sales training. The app reinforces the sales process and allows them to put the sales training into practice to achieve better outcomes on a more consistent basis.

Project execution


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