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AppIt Ventures partnered with hc1 to build a mobile application that empowers its clients to work remotely and more efficiently.

What We Did

The sales reps who depend on the hc1 CRM™ App spend much of their time away from the office, meeting with care providers and office managers. As a result, they access the hc1 CRM™ App primarily on phones and tablets. Spotty connection and unreliable public WiFi created a need for the reliability and functionality of a mobile app, not just a mobile-friendly website. The AppIt Ventures development team and hc1’s product team partnered to develop an app that would make daily business operations for their clients a seamless experience.

hc1's new mobile application needed to provide easy accessibility, allowing clients to work remotely from their iOS devices.

Project Design Preview

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Client Requirements

The hc1 CRM™ App needed to provide easy accessibility, allowing clients to work remotely from their iOS devices.
hc1 needed to effectively scale down a full web-based application to the features sales reps use the most. The user interface had to be streamlined and easy to use to promote adoption and reduce the need for training.
The hc1 CRM™ App gives clients the ability to highly customize the user interface. As such, the mobile app couldn’t rely on standardized fields and objects.


Transparent and frequent communication between AppIt Ventures and hc1 resulted in a seamless transition for hc1’s clients between the website and mobile app. Together, the teams prioritized the user experience and gathered valuable client feedback during the design period to ensure that the app would be intuitive and easy to adopt once built. During beta testing, one hc1 client was so impressed with the app that he rolled it out to his entire team of sales reps.

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