Wildfire mitigation app success story

How we built the Firetrac mobile and web application.

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Bridger Aerospace

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Bridger Aerospace is an industry leader in aerial wildfire management, relief and suppression, delivering powerful firefighting services using next-generation technology. Bridger operates best in-class Type 1 Air Attack platforms, Single Engine Air Tankers (SEAT), CL-415EAF Water Scoopers, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Counter UAS Systems (X-MADIS) to facilitate an effective and successful firefighting mission. Bridger Aerospace is the only full-spectrum aerial firefighting service provider in the United States.

Project overview

In May 2020, Bridger Aerospace contracted with AppIt Ventures to design and develop a mobile and web application for a new division called FireTrac. FireTrac will provide consolidated information, imagery, and data regarding the most critical wildfire incidents in the United States to citizens, companies, and government entities in a seamless, near real-time, and user-friendly interface. This interface is meant to be evolutionary in the first two years to maximize the value of the information provided so that homeowners, first responders, and concerned citizens can protect themselves, their families, and their property with appropriate information.

Project execution

Project results


The web iOS, and Android apps were all launched in June of 2021. In addition to saving lives, FireTrac will provide a clearinghouse and access point for the most up to date and relevant wildfire data available at any given time.

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