Emmanuel Sanders Success Story

Using technology to connect with fans by providing personalized digital signatures

Emmanuel Sanders App

In the midst of a thrilling season for the Denver Broncos, AppIt Ventures teamed with star receiver Emmanuel Sanders to help him connect with fans in a brand new way. The resulting mobile apps use the latest technology to deliver customized digital autographs directly to mobile devices.

Emmanuel’s iPad Pro interface allows him to view a stream of incoming fan images, and to personally respond to each user in his own handwriting, using the Apple Pencil to sign the photos on-screen. Fans in turn are encouraged to share their one-of-a-kind, signed creations via social media.



Conceived only six weeks before the Super Bowl, development had to proceed efficiently for a maximum-impact launch.

Cutting Edge Tech

Fingerprint scanning and the latest electronic stylus technology work together to bring an authentic autograph experience to mobile devices.

App Design

Emmanuel’s professional brand needed to be be woven into a simple, modern interface while emphasizing usability for both him and fans.

Cross-Platform Reach

As a fan base interaction platform, it was crucial to maximize device compatibility by developing full featured iOS and Android apps.



As the Denver Broncos were heading into their winning playoff run, AppIt’s development team was able to pull together and bring the fan experience to users on Android and iOS platforms just six weeks after the initial conception of the product. AppIt’s use of Agile processes helped to keep production moving along rapidly in the face of challenges and uncertainty, and the mobile apps went live leading into Super Bowl weekend.

The perfect launch timing allowed users to wish Emmanuel well in the upcoming big game, and to share their game day celebrations with him in real time. Celebratory fan images continue to stream in after the Broncos’ championship win, providing Emmanuel a platform to stay connected with the fan base during the offseason. The apps are built with extensibility in mind, allowing for future product offerings which will allow users to interact with Emmanuel in new and groundbreaking ways.

Emmanuel’s signing interface allows him to view an incoming stream of fan messages and reply with unique signatures. Cutting edge technology is used to bring the best elements of an in-person autograph signing to the global mobile app market. Touch ID fingerprint scanning is in place to verify the identity of the signer, and the Apple Pencil is used to bring the organic look and feel of traditional autographs into the digital realm.