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3 Trends Make Custom Software Affordable and Better Quality

Many companies do not think quality & affordable custom software can be found, but these 3 trends are making custom software possible for almost any budget.

Updated April 25, 2023

Businesses are increasingly using custom software applications to manage their operations, communicate with customers, provide services, and train employees. In this article, we'll discuss why custom software is becoming more popular and how businesses can benefit from it.

Why Custom Software?

Out-of-the-box software solutions may not be adequate for fulfilling a business's unique needs. As a result, businesses often choose to create their own custom software or undertake large-scale customizing and development of open-source and out-of-the-box solutions.

The motivations for transitioning to custom software solutions vary, but the desired outcomes remain the same: high-quality software solutions at an affordable price. Many businesses assume that quality and affordable custom software are impossible to find, but modern development processes make great custom software available within the budgets of small, medium-sized, and larger enterprises.

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The Advantages of Agile Development

Agile development is a crucial component of modern software development that enables software development teams to create software swiftly and dynamically. Agile development takes a holistic approach to the software development process, focusing on specific parts of the software and using the entire software team to create, test, and deliver each aspect of the custom software.

Agile development bypasses many roadblocks that arise when waiting for one or two specialists to write a section of code and then pass the software on to other specialists. With agile development, the entire team works on enough code to ensure that a portion of the software works, enabling them to continuously check and improve each other's coding.

Agile development transforms a process that used to require significant amounts of time and specialized labor into a fast-paced production by a team of programmers. This saves money on labor costs and reduces the overall time required to get custom software up and running compared to Waterfall Development.

The Benefits of Open Source Software

The Open Source Movement was once a radical idea, according to the 2001 movie AntiTrust. However, it has now become a necessary reality for competitive computer programs, with platforms like Wikipedia, Google, Mozilla Firefox, Open Office, Linux, Salesforce, Drupal, IOS, and Android allowing any developer to create modules, plugins, and custom apps and software for businesses.

Custom software has become more affordable and easier to create due to the commercialization of open-source software. Businesses may not need to create something from the ground up but can customize other software systems legally and affordably to meet their unique needs.

The Challenges and Benefits of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology presents both challenges and benefits for businesses needing custom software. The diversity of devices is a challenge for developers, but the ability to code, test, and launch software on multiple platforms and with different options for A/B testing and bug testing is a benefit.

Mobile technology enables users to access good software systems universally, but businesses face challenges when users expect diverse options from the start. However, custom software and mobile technology provide businesses with numerous options for meeting customer, employee, and shareholder needs and enable access to software from anywhere at any time.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, custom software has become a popular solution for businesses due to its ability to fulfill unique needs, its affordability, and its agility. By utilizing agile development, open-source software, and mobile technology, businesses can create customized software that is tailored to their specific requirements. If you're interested in discovering the possibilities of custom software for your business, book a project call with us today!

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