Pieter-Francois Theron loves the world of business. Like every good CFO, he manages the company’s day-to-day finances, is involved with strategic operations and planning, and is responsible for shepherding the firm’s long-term fiscal health. But when you spend time with him, you quickly realize there is more to his to financial leadership than his title would suggest.

Pieter-Francois believes it’s time for businesses to graduate from the idea that the finance team holds all the information. Rather, by communicating frequently about fiscal considerations like budgets and profitability, they are empowered to make sound financial decisions in the moment instead of hearing about it later. “To me, the most rewarding aspect of my role is helping to shift perceptions of the CFO from being an enforcer and gatekeeper to more of a communicator and enabler,” he says. “Being at the forefront of that evolution, helping to democratize financial decision making and preventing financial considerations from holding back the team is exciting.”

He maintains that sound practices, along with this evolutionary approach to finance, also deliver meaningful benefits to AppIt clients. “Guiding them through the financials and budgeting is just as important as communicating their project’s status and progress. A secure financial position, fixed bids, transparent billing, and granular reporting all instill confidence in the relationship.”

A chartered accountant, Pieter-Francois is originally from South Africa, where he graduated with honors from Stellenbosch University with a Bachelor in Accounting degree. He joined AppIt Ventures in 2022 after having worked for PwC in Cape Town and New York and another Denver-based software company for several years. He believes in the immense power of software to improve our world, and had heard about AppIt’s excellent culture and reputation for doing just that. Upon learning that the company was looking for a CFO, he took the opportunity to make the move and has never looked back.

When he’s not working, Pieter-Francois enjoys dining out, gardening, and taking his golden retriever to the beach. He also loves flying, and one day hopes to earn his pilot’s license.


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