While it’s unlikely the philosopher who said, “No one ever steps in the same river twice...” was a technologist, it’s not entirely a stretch to think it has its roots in project management somehow. The parallels between managing technology projects and the continually evolving nature of a river are not lost on Kayla Benson.

“We have really interesting problems to solve and we almost never do the same thing twice,” she remarks. “Every client, every project, every deliverable is different. Not only that, projects generally go from concept to creation really quickly, which requires strong project management skills and great attention to detail. Take your eye off the ball and you risk getting off course.”

As AppIt’s Director of Project Operations, Kayla is responsible for the delivery process and for ensuring the team does their best work to solve client problems and achieve business goals through technology. She also serves as a resource, a sounding board, and another point of view throughout the development cycle. As Kayla puts it, “Technology can be a real game changer for businesses and for people. I help the team understand and appreciate the client’s bigger picture even as they delve into the granular details that make for solid, effective apps.”

Kayla hails from Superior, Colorado just outside of Boulder, where she graduated from CU with a degree in business and communication. Earlier in her career she worked for in account management and client services for a few tech startups in the Denver area, which ultimately led her to join Denver Women in Tech, a group created by AppIt founder Amanda Moriuchi, where she volunteered for seven years. When a project manager role became available at the company, Kayla jumped at the chance. “Our values aligned really well and I really enjoy organizing, so it seemed like a natural fit.”

Kayla and her husband reside in Denver along with their miniature dachshund, Penny. Outside of work, they enjoy travel and live music, and like many of us who choose to call Colorado home, she enjoys being outside, whether that involves a rigorous hike or a casual afternoon strolling through neighborhood shops or checking out the local restaurant scene.


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