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SmartWatch Apps

What separates a smart watch from a regular watch? Lots of things, but as smartphones have taught us, apps might be the most important.

Most of the watches we like feature full-fledged app stores, bringing everything from Uber and fitness tracking. Much like smartphones, app availability is a good way to determine which product to get, so before developing an app for a smartphone research the demographics of the smartphone users. Garmin for example is really well known for their fitness tracking where the Apple iWatch is known more for convenient apps.

In terms of number of apps, the Apple Watch has the largest number of high-quality apps by far. Android Wear also has it fair share, but developer interest definitely seems to be in Apple first. Good news, AppIt Ventures has app developers for both.

SmartWatch Developers

AppIt Ventures’ team of App Developers have developed over 350 applications for clients ranging from local startups to Fortune 500 companies.  Smartwatches are quickly morphing from consumer-only products to helpful business tools. The increasing number of apps available to improve your business processes and efficiency speak for themselves. But of course, even the above apps may not be perfectly tailored to help your business improve its revenue and meet its growth goals.

Our team of Smartwatch App Developers are ready to talk about your project.  Feel free to contact us at 303-284-0249 to start the conversation about your Smartwatch App project.  You may also contact us here to schedule a call with our team.



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