Automating Business Processes with Technology to Improve your Bottom Line


The best tech strategy is one that aligns your business direction with the technology that can provide the structure and support for your goals.  With decades of business and technology experience, AppIt Ventures can help you develop a technology roadmap designed for the future, guiding you toward technologies that make sense for your business.

When building a business from scratch, working with a team of experts to help weigh the myriad of opportunities and select the best technology is critical to your success.  If building upon an existing system, a well-conceived roadmap considers the technology you currently have in place, which is where code audits provide immense value and visibility.

We’ve Consulted on:

  • Tech stack validation
  • ROI strategies
  • Revenue planning on mobile (advertising revenue vs. paid apps)
  • Tool consolidation
  • System upgrades
  • Distribution models
  • Hosting strategies

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