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We design, develop, and deploy custom apps in record-breaking timelines.

Our blended rapid application development model offers a cost-effective and time-effective approach to meet your  immediate business requirements.

Why use a rapid application development model?

A rapid app development model is a modern and rapidly popularizing solution to traditional development outsourcing. In a true blended model, clients can enjoy significant cost-savings and rapid development timelines along with the comfort and convenience associated with working with a local team.

our blended development model
how it works
Our US-based project managers work closely with our remote designers and developers to ensure that your application is built to your exact specifications and is delivered on time and on budget.

Leveraging rapid development to improve business outcomes

Our team is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and we also have two remote development teams in San Jose, Costa Rica and Hyderabad, India. This makes it easy for clients to take advantage of our proven, cost-effective development model so they can get results faster, optimize their project budgets, and operate with greater efficiency.

The AppIt Rapid Application Development Model

When you work with AppIt, you are assigned a dedicated project manager (PM) who stays with you throughout the life of your project; this person acts as your liaison and coordinates all aspects of a projects across multiple teams and roles. PM's are responsible for ensuring that your concerns are heard and project expectations are delivered exactly as agreed upon.

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Our rapid application development services

Our team is partnered with you throughout every stage of the software development cycle, from business and technical requirements alignment to architecture planning, UI/UX design, development, and deployment. Our technical software developers have a wide range of skill and expertise, along with a deep passion for technology. Rest assured, we have you covered.

UX/UI design

Our UX/UI designers will help you design the perfect product that keeps your users delighted and your stakeholders happy.

Database and API development

Maximize your application's usability, scalability and security with a proper database, API, and server configuration.


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