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Mobile App Development eBook

Need to build a mobile app for your business but not sure where to begin? Our Free Mobile App Development eBook will guide you through the first steps of your project including:

Estimating Development Costs and Timeline
Determining iOS, Android, or Cross-Platform
RFPs and Vetting Custom Software Developers
Steps to Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

How to Protect Your Long-Term Software Goals

Code audits are a routine and necessary protocol for custom software applications whether mobile or web-based. Code audits can reveal a lot about the quality of your product's code and can save you not only time, but a significant amount of money and risk. A code audit report will help you protect your long term goals for your application, and it will reveal critical things like:

Any Maintainability Issues or Roadblocks
Future Maintenance or Support Needs
Security or Compliance Risks (for example, HIPAA)
The Overall Architecture and Design Quality of Your Application

mHealth App Case Study

Our client is one of Montana's largest healthcare providers. Their integrated network includes 34 healthcare facilities and a Level II trauma center that provides primary and specialty care in over 50 areas. The client aims to become the industry leader in providing the best clinical quality, patient safety, service and value. Learn more about the investments they've made in multiple digital and technological solutions, including a custom mHealth application for patients and providers.


How Spreadsheets are Bad for Business

Did you know that 88% of spreadsheets contain errors? While spreadsheets can be an effective tool for businesses, they propose serious risks. Our free eBook outlines the pros and cons of using spreadsheets to run your mission-critical operations. Download the ebook and start automating your unique workflows.

Pros of spreadsheets
Cons of spreadsheets (It's not what you think)
Next step solutions and how to get started
Bonus case study

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