App Development Process

AppIt follows a specific process to reduce common risks associated with any custom software development project. Our team pulls from Agile and waterfall best practices to ensure our clients' projects remain as flexible as possible and costs stay within their dedicated budgets. We'll ensure that your final product is built to your exact specifications and meets your ultimate business need.

1. Discover

The purpose of the discovery phase is to determine if AppIt is a good fit for your business needs. During these initial meetings, you'll connect with a member of our sales organization to review your business goals, technical requirements, relevant timeline drivers, and any necessary budget restrictions.

Our Guarantee

We understand that we are not a fit for every project or for every person with speak with. We guarantee that we will honestly answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction if we aren't the right team for your job. If we are a fit, we guarantee that we will clearly lay out the project and explain each step, so you'll always know what's happening.



Assuming AppIt is a fit for your project requirements, the typical deliverable from the discovery process is a project proposal. The proposal will outline the suggested next steps for working together.

Price Quote & PRoject Timeline

This document covers every feature and functionality that will be included in your application, and includes line item pricing for each of those requirements. We'll also propose a project timeline to successfully design, develop, and deploy your application. Usually the timeline estimates we provide in the sales cycle are a high-level estimate.

2. Design

The purpose of the design phase is to expand upon information gathered during the discovery phase to set the creative direction of the project and map out exactly what we'll be building during the development phase. Our team works alongside you to capture your ideal application user interface, user experience and tone in the form of clickable, high fidelity designs and written requirements that bring your vision to life.


high fidelity clickable designs

Our designers will work with you to lay out each screen of your application in high fidelity, clickable designs. This works like a prototype to demonstrate user flows within the application and the overall look and feel - all intended to ensure a world-class user experience.

detailed requirements

This document covers every feature and functionality that will be included in the project and includes granular detail on each feature. The purpose of these detailed requirements is to describe exactly how your application will be built, minimizing surprises and risk for scope creep, and protecting budget and original design for the application.

development schedule

When designs are finalized, AppIt will provide a detailed development schedule or sprint plan. AppIt operates on agile development cycles or 'sprints' that are two weeks in length. The sprint plan describes exactly when each feature will be built and released to you in two-week increments during the development phase.

3. Develop

Our team will develop your application to the exact specifications laid out in the clickable designs and written requirements we've agreed upon together. By this stage, the project scope, timeline and risks have been identified and reviewed. During this part of the process, our team will work according to the development schedule set in the previous stage and will provide regular updates on progress.



Our team develops each feature of the application according to the predefined sprint plan. you'll receive an interim sprint releases to test every 2-3 weeks so you can see progress and perform your own testing.

These sprint releases have been reviewed by AppIt developers, quality assurance, and project management before released to you for testing, ensuring the smoothest testing experience possible.

4. Deploy

Deployment is the final phase of your application development project. This is when we undergo quality assurance, user acceptance testing, and preparation for launch. We ensure that your solution aligns with your goals and hand you the keys to your new application!


quality assurance

Every application we build goes through a rigorous internal and external testing process. We'll provide your team with a dedicated testing environment to ensure that every aspect of the application functions as expected and meets all acceptance criteria and software business requirements.

deployment & launch

We'll support you and guide you through the necessary deployment process, whether deploying an internal application to necessary stakeholders or launching a mobile application to the proper store. AppIt has successfully built and deployed over 500 applications to varied environments worldwide, and our clients benefit from our broad range of experience in deployment and launches.


AppIt offers a warranty period during which we cover any bug fixes in the live environment and assist with transferring project ownership to your team. AppIt will arm you with the project knowledge and documentation you'll need to manage your application now that it is live.

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