Mobile Health App

A number of lifestyle factors can lead to the failure of diet and exercise programs including time, money, coaching, and bad habits. In order to avoid these common downfalls for their customers, our client leverages a custom mobile app to deliver an individualized set of goals, along with ongoing suggestions, alerts, tracking and coaching.


A weight loss program that actually changes personal behavior and leads to healthier lifestyles — all through a mobile app.


About Our Client

Our client's mission is to help individuals lose weight for good, all from the comfort and convenience of their mobile phone. In order to remove the dependency on an expensive health coach, the client's proprietary health program needed a world-class mobile experience and with a robust rules engine to deliver real-time, personalized content anytime an individual began to struggle with their goals.

What AppIt Did

AppIt Ventures was hired to build such a solution. We partnered with the client's executive team to design a mobile app and content distribution engine that provided an intuitive experience for their followers and delivered helpful quizzes, surveys, articles and reminders when the user needed it most.

Mobile App Feature Requirements

Users needed to receive a personalized health plan with goals and progress indicators. The app also needed to act as a lifeline during their 26-week weight loss plan.
Users needed to be able to complete their daily logs across the four domains of health: nutrition, sleep, activity and stress.
Users needed to be able to view and track their progress against their health goals.

The Outcome

The client launched their mobile app to an initial user group in March of 2020. Since then, the participants have completed their 26-week weight loss journeys with the help of the client's data-driven and personalized approach to weight loss.


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