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Healthcare Application Development

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Why Healthcare Application Development?

Our healthcare app developers are HIPAA compliant and build custom applications that leverage technology to improve patient outcomes, increase user engagement, and empower healthcare professionals to optimize their operational efficiency while providing better patient care.

healthcare application development
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The key to successful healthcare application development is always putting a patient's privacy and User Experience, first.
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Leveraging technology to improve patient outcomes

One of the biggest reasons to invest in healthcare application development is the inherent value mHealth apps provide to patients. Today, patients can access healthcare professionals remotely with telemedicine, saving them both money and travel time. They can easily view their vital health records from their mobile devices and even schedule and attend appointments with their provider from the comfort and safety of their own home. This remote access to healthcare professionals has proved extremely important for patients worldwide, especially in 2020 when social distancing has made it challenging for remote patients to get access to the medical attention they need in a reasonable timeframe.

case study: healthcare

The hc1 mobile app

AppIt and hc1 worked together to build a mobile application that empowers hc1's clients to work remotely from their iOS devices without sacrificing the User Experience.

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Health Application Development to Meet Your Requirements
EMR/EHR Systems
Electronic medical records and electronic health records can provide a holistic view of a patient's overall health and provide key insights for medical providers.
Telehealth apps bridge location barriers and create contactless patient and clinician communication for medical care, advice, reminders, intervention and more.
mHealth Apps
Personalize the patient User Experience with mHealth apps. Patients can access their medical records and schedule appointments with their primary care providers.
Management & Administrative Solutions
Optimize your operational efficiency and streamline your administrative workflows with a custom-tailored application built to your specifications.
Health Management Platforms
Integrate data from multiple IT healthcare systems into one central location. Health management platforms offer significant time and cost savings and can boost ROI.
Patient Engagement Platforms
Offer a world-class User Experience with a personalized platform that puts patients first, ultimately, increasing patient accountability and engagement.

Clinical and Health Management

We provide technical guidance and help you to enable key features in your mobile and/or web healthcare application that make tracking and following a patient's health journey both easy and effortless.

Predictive Analytics
Healthcare Information Exchange
ePrescriptions, IDs, & Med Tracking
Custom Integrations

A Partner in Healthcare Application Development

Our healthcare app developers work with you to design and develop HIPAA compliant healthcare apps that improve a patient's quality of care, helping to provide medical services to those who need it most. Most importantly, we approach digital healthcare products with a deep commitment to improve the impact of technology on a patient's overall well-being and help healthcare providers offer medical services with ease, speed, and optimal efficiency.

Secure appointment scheduling software
Apps that sync with health tracking tools
Patient access to vital health records
Secure messaging tools (push notifications/SMS)
AI chatbots

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Application Development

Our HIPAA compliant app developers build custom apps that provide an enjoyable user experience, but always prioritize secure and compliant data management to protect your patients' privacy. We abide by medical app development best practices and adhere to strict security requirements when developing applications for healthcare providers.

HIPAA Certified Security Expert
Android.OS. Health Guidelines
Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for CareKit and HealthKit

Healthcare App Case Study

Our client is one of their state’s largest healthcare providers. Their integrated network of 34 healthcare facilities, including a Level II trauma center, provides primary and specialty care in over 50 specialty areas. Their vision of becoming a national leader in providing the best clinical quality, patient safety, service and value has led them to invest in multiple digital and technological solutions, including a custom mobile application.

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