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Develop high quality software that works. If you want high-caliber custom mobile apps that your customers or employees will adopt and love, then we are the team you’re looking for.

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Custom App Development

Our team of mobile strategists, designers, and software developers will guide you through each stage of the app development process. Custom software services we offer include:

  • Custom iPhone, iPad and Android Apps
  • User Interface & User Experience Design
  • Database, Server and API Development
  • Dedicated Agile Project Management

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App Development Process

Custom software and enterprise app development is a very collaborative process. Our app developers use a blended approach to agile development in order to ensure that your projects are flexible as possible, and that costs stay within your designated budget. This ensures that the final product is exactly what you need, and that it’s built to your exact specifications.

1 Initial Meeting

The first step in the development process is sitting down to discuss the project concept, the problem it solves, and how it’ll support your broader business goals. Our mobile strategy team brings valuable insights based on years of industry experience to help you reach your goals.

2 Scope Creation

Once the concept for the app has been outlined, we’ll work together to determine the functions required to meet your goals. This will allow us to ultimately determine the features required and how they function together to develop a robust scope document for the project.

3 UX/UI Design

Excellent design is critical to the success of your custom software. Our UX/UI design experts merge functionality with aesthetics to create beautiful, polished app designs that your company’s employees and customers will truly enjoy interacting with.

4 Software Development

Our development team has a wide range of technical skills to take on even the most complex and challenging projects. Once the design is complete, our app builders turn your concept into a game-changing tool for your business – a custom-built enterprise app tailored to your company’s unique needs.

5 Quality Assurance

Every mobile app we build goes through a rigorous internal and external testing process. AppIt Ventures will provide your team with a dedicated testing environment to ensure that every aspect of the app functions as expected and meets all required software development goals.

6 App Launch

AppIt Ventures supports all of our clients through both consumer app store deployment (iTunes/Google Play) and enterprise distribution for internal products. Regardless of how you want users to find and access your custom software applications, we’ll make sure that it’s available for them.

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