The Value of Quality Talent

How can you leverage 24 hours in the day? You only get 24 hours, no matter how you slice it, so how do you create more time? One option is to find and develop quality talent that can execute your plan (simple, I know, but let me explain).

At AppIt Ventures, at the time of this blog post (August 2012), there are 2 co-founders, a CTO, a lead developer, one intern, one domestic team and two international teams all working to make our client’s apps successful. Beyond that, we are currently working with 4 client partners as well.

We make affordable apps that are beautifully designed, easy to use and just work. How do we keep our client’s costs low? Two ways –we find phenomenal talent both domestically and internationally and we create revenue-sharing opportunities with our clients.

Developing a team of really strong people is imperative to succeeding.  Create a Plan, Execute and create a layer of Trust. Constant communication, measure, celebrate your successes and keep people accountable (including your clients!).

When everyone is moving towards the same goal, synergies happen and with synergies, you can create more than 24 hours to the day!

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