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Telecom Mobile Application Development

Our client is a telecommunications equipment supplier and strategic logistics company. In order to provide the cell phone coverage that US consumers have come to expect, providers must consistently maintain and upgrade thousands of cell towers all across the country — many of which are located in remote areas. Missing spare parts or critical equipment is a common occurrence and usually results in a loss of daily resources and time. Rather than lose a day of productivity, our client developed a custom solution to meet the needs of field workers.

What AppIt Did custom software development

Before AppIt Ventures, our client's entire service line, was managed through Excel sheets, emails, and phone calls. Our team designed and developed a native Android and iOS mobile app that increased user accessibility and streamlined communication between Project Managers (PMs), Runners, and Contractors. Additionally, we built an administrative web app to make it easier for PMs to digitally manage order requests and Runner inventory, all from the client's main office.


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The Outcome

The last mile delivery app launched in mid-2019. By automating the last mile delivery service through an app our client was able to respond to their customers faster, reduce mistakes, and elevate their level of service to produce happy customers. Since the initial MVP launch, we've worked with our client to further enhance the app's feature set and capabilities to keep it on the cutting edge of technology.

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