Liquor Limo Success Story

Allowing consumers to discover and order products tailored to their specific taste preferences


Backed by extensive chemical analysis research, Liquor Limo’s unique alcohol delivery service allows consumers to discover and order products tailored to their specific taste preferences. Liquor Limo came to AppIt Ventures with an ailing first generation mobile app which was in need of extensive updates in order to support their growing user base. While users loved the existing app’s product recommendation technology, bugs were frequently causing a less-than-ideal ordering experience.

After performing a 3-month period of stabilization on the existing software, AppIt began architecting a new system from the ground up. The new iPhone and Android apps were completely redesigned to modernize the look and feel of the shopping experience, and to better fit Liquor Limo’s brand. A new Magento-compatible backend was also constructed to provide stability and performance enhancements.



In order to support Liquor Limo’s growth and avoid unexpected downtime during critical business hours, the new system needed to be stable and scalable.

Interface Design

The apps needed to encourage product exploration and showcase Liquor Limo’s chemical analysis-based Replica® Recommendation features.

Seamless UX

Supporting the shopping experience on all platforms — Android, iOS, and a new web store — required a unified design and system architecture.

Magento Integration

The mobile backend was rebuilt to interact with Liquor Limo’s Magento-based web store platform, simplifying future administrative needs.



Android and iPhone apps allow users to easily order alcohol delivery or pickup from local stores through their mobile devices. Exploring a store’s large selection can be overwhelming, so the apps take advantage of Liquor Limo’s Replica® Recommendation technology to show app users the curated selection of products they’re most likely to love. Users are also able to view detailed flavor profiles for all products so that they can get a good idea of how a product will taste prior to making a purchase.